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Video Games in Church

I love video games. I can’t remember a time where I haven’t owned a computer or a console. But should video games be a part of the church service?

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, Richard Clark looks at a church that is incorporating a Playstation game into their church service.

I find myself torn over things like this. I’m excited whenever anyone takes seriously the artistic nature of certain games, especially when they are appreciated in unlikely places. Then again, even as an editor for a web site about popular culture, I view the corporate worship service as an event distinctly set apart from our daily life. While playing games on my own or with friends is often an act of personal worship, in the corporate worship sphere I prefer a more historically based focus on those acts which bring the congregation together more purposefully: group prayer, singing, proclamation of scripture. Those are things that are spelled out for us in scripture – my concern is that adding elements of popular culture into this setting only muddles the corporate nature of the service.

Personally, I find this part of a disturbing trend of moving away from Word based ministry. When the focus during church is placed on human creativity and expression and away from the reading of God’s Word, the Bible, it becomes more about us than about God. And at that point, what’s the point of church? If we’re not gathered to hear God’s Word and encourage each other to love and serve our heavenly Father, then is it really church?

Colour Changing Frog Worshipped

frog234123People don’t really need much of an excuse to worship the created rather than the creator, do they?

Colour changing frog worshipped as god in India

Chocolate Worship Part 2

Coles Caramel Mighty - Worship Me!

Coles Caramel Mighty - Worship Me!

First Magnum icecreamswere calling for you to bow down before them. Now it looks like Coles brand chocolates want in on the act too. Let me make that clearer: Generic. Brand. Chocolate. We’re not talking high quality Swiss chocolate that you can only buy in exclusive boutique stores. We’re not even talking the stuff that promotes itself using a gorilla playing drums. We’re talking about Fun Sized packaged chocolate bars that bear the name of a supermarket chain on them. And they want you to worship them.

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Do You Worship Chocolate or Coffee?

If it wasn’t for Magnums, ice cream would just be for kids. Thanks to their clever marketing, Streets were the first to make it acceptable for a grown up to walk down to the corner shop and fork over more than $2 for an ice cream. And it’s a good thing too, because as much as I love a Paddlepop, it’s got nothing over an Almond Magnum.

The Magnum adds have always been a bit provocative. Their previous ads have featured the Seven Deadly Sins and the temptation of Adam and Eve. Most of their ads could double for advertisments for phone sex lines. They’re not very subtle. And their current campaign isn’t going to change that. Do you worship Magnums? If you don’t, the current campaign is telling you that you should.

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