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Wonderella and Footprints in the Sand

wonderella clipYou know that bit in the Bible where it talks about one or more footprints in the sand? Me neither. Contrary to the beliefs of some, it isn’t Scripture (So please don’t ask me to read it out at a funeral). I love what the Non-Adventures of Wonderella do with that poem here. I like to think that it’s the poem rather than Jesus that comes off badly. I love how it just gets more ridiculous with each panel.

Wonderella and The Second Coming of Christ

I’m a big fan of the webcomic The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. I’ve linked to the comic before and I’m sure I will link to it again. The main character, Wonderella, has a connection to the gods of myth, which often brings religious themes into the comic. On top of that, the author isn’t afraid to lampoon traditions that people have that they haven’t properly thought through. That’s not to say that the traditions are bad, just that people take them for granted.

Recently, Justin Pierce (the comic’s author) posted a 3 part comic depicting the second coming of Jesus. It’s well worth checking out and discussing. You can find it here, here, and here.

Jesus would totally win in a rap battle.

Wonderella and The Point of Easter

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is a wonderfully bizarre webcomic. The title character is a super hero who really couldn’t care less about saving people and is more interested in what’s happening on TV that night. The strip starts off in one place and by the time you reach the end of the page, you’re somewhere completely different.

Over Easter, Wonderella took on the Easter bunny. Her sidekick, Rita, asks what’s the point of Easter. Wonderella replies “Nobody knows.”

Oooh, oooh, I know, I know!