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I Want V Now!

V-International-images-v-on-abc-8902160-1450-984_01Why are you doing this to us Channel 9? Why are you holding back on showing V. You know I want to watch it. Is that the reason? Are you going to pull a Pushing Daisies and promise that you’ll show it and then bury it?

By the sounds of things, V is going to be very, very good.

The original had a great take on fascism. It looks like the new version will also be including some religious themes and characters which has, of course, grabbed my attention.

V is Coming!

v_badlerI remember seeing the original V mini series when I was a kid. The use of alien visitors to explore the Nazi rise to power and the abuse of authority and trust was striking. There’s a television remake of V coming out this year that I’m very excited about. And after seeing the trailer, I’m even more excited. Because it looks like it will be dealing heavily with themes of faith and worship. This is must see for me. It better be good. The trailer is after the jump.

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