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The Book of Genesis Illustrated by Robert Crumb

When I was in Europe a few months ago, I kept my eye out for comic books. Not that I could read any because none of them were in English. I did manage to pick up a copy of a Tin Tin book in French though. You know, just because. As I browsed through the bookstore shelves in a number of different countries, I kept seeing the same book over and over again. It was pretty hard to miss with it’s bright yellow cover.

The Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb. All 50 chapters of the first book of the Bible, illustrated and with nothing left out.

I had bought my copy just before leaving Sydney, but I wasn’t going to lug around an oversized hardcover comic book whilst being an overseas tourist. Seeing all those copies all over the continent showed me that this was a book that was going to be worth talking about.

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