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Jesus Joins The Justice League

The world is in trouble! Quick, someone call the Justice League – The world’s mightiest heroes.

You’ve got Green Lantern. Check.

Batman. Check.

Wonder Woman. Check.

Supergirl. Check.

The Flash. Check.

Aquaman. Check.

Jesus Christ. Ch… One second…

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End of Month Review – July 2008

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

It’s the 30th of the month, so time for another End of Month Review. I know July has 31 days, but WordPress’ stats work on a 30 day cycle, so this will be more accurate. A lot has happened on Pop Culture Christ this month, with the site receiving more than twice the hits it received during June.

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Comics: Supergirl and The Fall

Supergirl #25

Supergirl #25 (1996)

God is a ten year old boy wearing a bow tie and calls himself Wally. You didn’t know that? You have obviously never read Peter David’s run on Supergirl from the 90s. Oh, and Supergirl is an angel. What has all this got to do with Genesis 2-3? Good question. Read More…