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Torchwood: Children of Earth

torchwood_childrenofearth_posterEvery child on the planet, at exactly the same time, stop in their tracks and say in unison “We are coming”. Every single child. And so begins the third season of British science fiction show Torchwood. In five episodes, shown over five consecutive days, a story of corruption, compromise and fear will unfold. Aliens are coming. What will those in power do to secure their future and keep their secrets safe?

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V is Coming!

v_badlerI remember seeing the original V mini series when I was a kid. The use of alien visitors to explore the Nazi rise to power and the abuse of authority and trust was striking. There’s a television remake of V coming out this year that I’m very excited about. And after seeing the trailer, I’m even more excited. Because it looks like it will be dealing heavily with themes of faith and worship. This is must see for me. It better be good. The trailer is after the jump.

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