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Fallout: New Vegas

What happens after the war ends? In 2077, the war between China and the USA escalates to the point where nuclear missiles are exchanged. Some people managed to find shelter in underground vaults. Others weren’t so lucky. Now, 204 years later, the USA is in ruins. The bombed out remains of buildings are a constant reminder of what’s been lost. Radiation affected mutants roam the wastelands. And the survivors try to rebuild society, any way they can. Resources are scarce, people are trying to kill you and you’re on your own. This is the world of Fallout.

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Cadbury Right Or Wrong

cadburyAdvertisements do more than try and sell you a product or service. They actually give you a glimpse into our culture and how we perceive the world and ourselves. When I got off the train yesterday, I noticed this poster for Cadbury Mini Bites. What do you think? (This is a photo taken with my phone. If I find a proper scan, I’ll replace it)

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