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glee-castI spent a long time trying to work out if I wanted to watch this show. Musicals can be very hit and miss with me. Set it in a highschool and the chances of me enjoying it drop dramatically. But throw in a level of self awareness, some black comedy and some quirky characters? Now things are looking better.

Glee is the story of a small town high school in the middle of nowhere. You have those at the top of the popularity spectrum – your cheerleaders and football players. And at the very bottom you have those who are in the glee club. Will these kids achieve against all odds? Will they find self esteem through performance? Is this their one and only opportunity to find satisfaction in life? Welcome to high school life Glee style.

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Sermon: What About Me?

Here’s a sermon I preached at St Luke’s at the start of last year. It was my first sermon at St Luke’s. At the 7pm service there was a sing-a-long. Good times.

Music Review: Jesus Of Suburbia

This is an article that I originally wrote on April 4th 2007. Enjoy.

Jesus of Suburbia

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