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Putting the Word “Christian” in Front of Something Doesn’t Make It Christian

The team over at Blimey Cow have released a new video that I want to add a hearty AMEN to. Take a look at the video and I’ll add some thoughts below.

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After Hours and Understanding Pop Culture

2iuucg8Recently I was invited to speak to a group of college students. As I was about to walk out the door at home to get there, my wife asked me what I was speaking on. I told her “I’m speaking on how to understand pop culture and use it for ministry”. Her reply, “So basically you’re speaking on your Thing”. “Yeah.”

I love pop culture. I love pulling it apart and exploring what it says about us and our society. I love discovering different points of view and world views. And I love holding pop culture up to the lens of the gospel and see where it contrasts and where it agrees. I spend a lot of time trying to understand the culture around us. So when I see something that manages to pop open the hood of pop culture and helps me see the working parts underneath, I like to share it with people.

After Hours from Cracked is one of the best shows on the internet and you should be watching it.

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7 Things From Pop Culture That Cheese Off Jesus

Warning: Following link contains coarse language.

Cracked has a shot at Jesus and Pop Culture right here.

Here’s a thought. How about Christians spend less time protesting things that may or may not be unscriptural and inevitably turn people AWAY from Jesus, and more time telling them about the Christ who saves? You know, just a thought.