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From Formspring: The New Apostolic Church

I received this question over at Formspring and wanted to share the answer with you.

Love what you are doing mate. I was Bombarded by someone from the New Apostolic Church… They sort of believe the same thing only they think they are the only way, my insides turned as if rejecting an organ… What is right? Who are they?

I was unaware of the New Apostolic Church until this question was posted. There’s a New Apostolic Church not far from where I live, but I haven’t had any interaction with them. So I did some research. The following is based on my understanding of their beliefs published on their website (specifically in the document Faith in Life – A Life of Faith: Portrait of a Living Denomination ) with a little bit of Wikipedia to fill in the gaps. If I’ve misrepresented their beliefs, I would encourage correction and discussion.

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Sermon: Then Their Eyes Were Opened

Holidays for me usually mean two things: essays and sickness. So therefore, these holidays I’ve had a 3000 word essay due and I’ve been hit with illness. Nothing too serious, but enough that I’m loading up on cold and flu tablets before stepping up to the pulpit.

Today’s sermon is on the Road to Emmaus in Luke’s Gospel. I took an interesting approach to the passage and used it to talk about the Holy Spirit. How did I do that? Go ahead and listen.

Don’t Cross The Streams

Clink on the link to read in context

Clink on the link to read in context

This made me laugh ( http://xkcd.com/459/ ). What would we do with out the third person of the Trinity? Would we still be able to recognise what God has done for us? Would we want to turn to him? Would we understand what was going on? Would we want to grow in godliness? Questions, questions…

xkcd is a very funny site, even if I don’t always understand what is going on.