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Pop Culture Christ Cam (PC3) Episode 11

In this episode of Pop Culture Christ Cam:
Doctor Who, Buddhism and the 50th anniversary

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Anyone Want To Show Me Some Doctor Who Love?

Growing up, I was a massive fan of Doctor Who. I collected all the videos and books I could get my hands on. When I was a teenager, the show was off the air, so I had to make do with what ever Doctor Who merchandise I could get my hands on. The 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, was (and still is) my favourite Doctor. Not because he was a particularly good actor. Far from it. He couldn’t do righteous anger to save his life – which should be a requirement for any Doctor. But he was the Doctor I grew up on. It was his adventures I followed in the books published in the 90s.

So when I saw this auction, part of me wished I had something resembling money.

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