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At The Movies – 28/10/09

Want to know what’s starting at the movies this week? Look no further.

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Coming Soon

The big movie season is nearing it’s end for 2009. I managed to see quite a few and missed some others. For a change, I don’t think I regret missing any of the movies I missed.

But now my eyes turn towards the rest of 2009. What’s coming up for the rest of the year that I’m interested in seeing?

  • GI Joe – Out Now (Will see it if I get a chance, but not that fussed)
  • Coraline – Out Now (I want to see this, especially in 3d)
  • Taking Woodstock – 13 Aug
  • Inglourious Basterds – 20 Aug
  • Shorts – 3 Sep
  • Up – 3 Sep (Still don’t understand why we get this one so much later than the USA)
  • Funny People – 10 Sep
  • The Surrogates – 8 Oct
  • Astro Boy – 22 Oct
  • Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus – 29 Oct
  • Where The Wild Things Are – 3 Dec
  • Avatar – 17 Dec
  • Sherlock Holmes – 26 Dec

Is there anything that you think should be on my list that isn’t? What movies are you excited about for the rest of 2009?