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Jesus Christ: In The Name of The Gun


Each week, I go through the comic book new release list, looking for any interesting titles that I may otherwise have missed. Last week, a title jumped out at me as something I must absolutely find out more about. Jesus Christ: In The Name of The Gun. Now that does sound like a comic worthy of a Pop Culture Christ review, doesn’t it? I did some research and found that before being published in print form, Jesus Christ: In The Name of The Gun existed as a page-a-day webcomic. So I checked it out. Wow. There’s a whole mess of things to talk about here.

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Final Crisis – Revelations #1

Final Crisis - Revelations #1

Final Crisis - Revelations #1

Final Crisis – Revelations #1

Dc Comics

Written by Greg Rucka

Pencils by Philip Tan

What is the deal with people using the word Revelations in titles? Are they trying to be high brow? Are they trying to invoke Biblical themes of judgement and destruction? Are they trying to show they know what they’re talking about? Because it’s not working, people! It’s Revelation. Not Revelations. There was one vision given to John written down in the New Testament. Not plural. You use Revelations and I’m going to write you off as a try hard. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Spectre.

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