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Bible Society Book ShopFor a number of years, I’ve worked in Christian retail. It’s been my job to connect people with the right Bible or the right book or the right gift in exchange for money. When I first started in the shop (Bible Society NSW Bookshop) all we sold were Bibles. If someone asked me if we carried a book, I would ask them if it was a Bible. If they said no, I could quickly tell them we didn’t stock it because we only stocked Bibles. No need for complicated computer searches back then!

A few years ago, the shop branched into Christian literature and music. Suddenly it was a whole new world. I actually had to know things like titles! And authors! I never had that problem before. New stock meant new problems. What books do you stock? Do you stock everything and hope for the best? Do you only stock books you agree with? Do you stock books that are good, even if they don’t sell?

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Book Review: Rapture Ready!

Rapture ReadyRapture Ready!

By Daniel Radosh

When I saw this book on the shelf at Moore Books, I only had to read the subtitle to know I wanted to read this book – “Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture.”

A book all about Christian pop culture? That is so my kind of book. Daniel Radosh deals with all kinds interesting topics ranging from Christian theme parks to Christian wrestling organisations.

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