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Hate Speech

This morning on Tumblr, I posted a picture of a music review someone had written on Chris Brown’s album Fortune. Not only did the reviewer call this album “repugnant”, they implored the reader to not support Brown’s music because of his history of violence against women. Having read excerpts from a report given by the Los Angeles Police Department, I couldn’t agree more. Chris Brown does not deserve to be public figure adored and idolised by people.

Yet people keep leaping to his defense.

I received this message in my inbox shortly after posting the article:

bitch your mother should not be celebrated. who tf are you? a cracker. please sit. no1cur about your thoughts. HE STILL GOT MORE MONEY THAN YOU!

That is a direct copy and paste, in its entirety, from Anonymous’ message. Yup, Anonymous. Unless the famed 4chan hacker has me locked in his crosshairs, then the person who wrote this message didn’t even have the guts to put their name on it. Cowardly support of a man who punches women in the face. I’m using my real name as I post this. I’m not hiding behind an alias. Is it too much to expect that people won’t respond in kind?

What is Anonymous’ argument? Why should I withdraw my condemnation of Brown? He has more money than me. Wow! Apparently money can’t buy you love but it can buy you the right to do what you want without anybody criticising you.

This is not right. This should not be. Turning a blind eye to a person’s unrepentant sin, just because you enjoy there music, is not on.