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Sermon: John 3:16-21

St John’s Park Anglican have been working through a series based on 2 Ways to Live. For their final talk, they wanted the service to be evangelistic and they wanted a guest speaker to join them. And they invited me! I was happy to accept and spend some time with the 5.30pm service at St John’s Park.

My talk was on John 3:16-21. Below is the talk as well as a video I showed.

Preached at St John’s Park Anglican on Sunday 3rd of June 2012

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2 Ways To Live App

Last year I bought myself a smart phone and a tablet computer. I’d been holding out for a while but finally caved in. I didn’t think I’d really need either. Now it feels like I can’t live without them. Me and my stupid addiction to technology. One of the things I love about my devices are the apps – computer programs that do all kinds of weird and wonderful things that you download from the store and are accessible at the touch of a button. I’ve got apps for games, social network, email, photos and more. But there’s one app that I’ve wanted since day one. And it has eluded me.

Until now.

This week, the 2 Ways to Live app was launched.

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