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Pop Culture Christ vs Pop Culture Guru

Love GuruApparently Mike Myers has got some people upset. And not just those who sat through Austin Powers in Goldmember. Myers’ new movie The Love Guruhas him playing a wacky Hindu guru with a wacky accent doing wacky things. And it’s got some people calling for blood. Deepak Chopra, famous spiritual guru, has stood up for Myers and has called for those protesting to pull their heads in and wait until the movie actually comes out before they grab their pitchforks.

You can find the article here in the Sydney Morning Herald. But what does this have to do with Christianity?

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Buzz Lightyear is real. Real I tell you!

Buzz LightyearIn the movie Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear was treated as out of touch with reality because he thought he was a real astronaut and not a toy. Those other toys laughed at him. But who’s laughing now?