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The Youth Minister Scorecard

I love youth ministry. I’ve devoted a huge part of my life to teaching the Bible to teenagers. People who minister to youth tend to be a different breed than other ministers. And of course there are certain stereotypes. While I’m a big fan of going against type and encouraging older, more mature Christians to work in youth ministry, sometimes the stereotypes are just plain fun.

Stuff Christians Like is a site I link to a fair bit. That’s because it makes me laugh. Here’s something that makes me laugh greatly – The Youth Minister Scorecard. As I go through the list, I know these people. I’ve either experienced these things or know someone who has.

I scored a 90.

What about you, fellow youth ministers? What did you score?

Prophecy Ain’t What It Used To Be

1 Corinthians 12 lists prophecy as one of the gifts of the Spirit. What is prophecy? Is it predicting the future or something greater? Is it a gift that is still available today or was it limited to a certain time period? If you’re not careful, you’re understanding of prophecy can lead you in some dodgy directions.

It can also leave you looking stupid.

epic-fail-prophecy-failPic courtesy of Fail Blog

Help Me Name My New Computer

A few weeks ago, The Beast died. The Beast was my first desktop PC I bought when I moved out of home. He had done me well over the last few years, but in the days leading up to his death, I could tell it was time to move on. He was struggling to perform simple tasks and really, really struggled when I asked him to do something complicated like creating graphics or making movies. Last week, I placed an order for a new machine. I wanted to make sure that everything inside the box would cope with the work out I wanted to give it. I paid so much attention to the insides, that I didn’t really put any consideration into what it would look like.

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My Little Pony of the Apocalypse

There’s something about those brightly coloured ponies that always seemed a bit sinister to me. Here’s the trailer to My Little Pony: The Movie. This aint no cartoon.

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Video Game Resignation

Used to be a time when you gave your boss your notice that you were leaving in writing. Now it seems that creating a video game and embedding your notice of resignation in the game is a valid option. Who’d of thunk it?

What other things could we use video games to communicate? Garage sales? Birthday parties? Marriage proposals?

What about gospel uses?

Are You A Good Cop Youth Leader Or A Bad Cop Youth Leader?

Check out this quiz at Stuff Christians Like to find out if you’re the kind of youth leader who’s a good cop or a bad cop.

It’s funny stuff. The problem is I love being the bad cop leader. I love being the one at 2 O’clock in the morning standing in the middle of the boys room with a mag lite telling them that they will stop talking and they will go to sleep. Yet I scored a 100% good cop rating on the quiz. Is there anyone else out there who balances mischeivious with authoritarian?

Sweet Zombie Jesus

Have you ever thought to yourself “If I wrote the Bible, there would be a lot more zombies in there”? Well here’s your chance. Head on over to the Stinque Zombie Bible and put your flesh-eating-walking corpse stamp on the Word of God.

Not that I’m condoning this kind of blasphemy. But if they ever add in pirates and ninjas, I’m not sure I could handle the awesomeness.

Chocolate Crucifix

I don’t really understand why we have chocolate eggs at Easter. Chocolate crucifixes would make more sense, but be very, very wrong.

X-Men vs The Bible

2 Kings 2:23 is one of my favourite verses of the Bible. I should have realised that it was an earlyappearance of the X-Men.

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Everyone else is posting this. And with good reason. It is awesome. I’m really, really glad it never existed though…

Watchmen The Game

Have I mentioned recently how much I’m looking forward to Watchmen: The Movie? On the other hand, I am not looking forward to Watchmen: The Game.

What Would Ned Do?

God called Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. What would you do in the same situation? What would Flanders do?

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Gabbing With God: Reverend Lovejoy and the First Church of Springfield

Every Christian should aspire to have Flanders like qualities. Sure, he’s a caricature, but when you strip him down to his core, he’s someone who earnestly loves Jesus and wants to love and serve his fellow man. That’s an example worth following. Reverend Lovejoy on the other hand, the Protestant minister of Springfield, is a different deal all together.

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7 Things From Pop Culture That Cheese Off Jesus

Warning: Following link contains coarse language.

Cracked has a shot at Jesus and Pop Culture right here.

Here’s a thought. How about Christians spend less time protesting things that may or may not be unscriptural and inevitably turn people AWAY from Jesus, and more time telling them about the Christ who saves? You know, just a thought.

Don’t Cross The Streams

Clink on the link to read in context

Clink on the link to read in context

This made me laugh ( ). What would we do with out the third person of the Trinity? Would we still be able to recognise what God has done for us? Would we want to turn to him? Would we understand what was going on? Would we want to grow in godliness? Questions, questions…

xkcd is a very funny site, even if I don’t always understand what is going on.

Little Thinkers Jesus

Little Thinkers Jesus

Little Thinkers Jesus

I’m always keeping my eye out for Jesus in unusual places. Not the real Jesus (I guess I should be looking out for him too…) but pop culture representations of Jesus. I love Jesus toys. And I found a new one today. He can be found at The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. Mine looks a bit different to the one in the picture. My Jesus has really wild, all over the place hair. Very much not tame and under control like in the pic. My favourite part? He’s wearing a WWID bracelet. No that is not a mistype…


Pop Culture Christ courtesy of Wordle

GI Joe and Bible Translation

GI JoeHave you ever laid awake at night wondering which Bible translation would fight Cobra Commander best?

T-Shirt Mania

I love buying T-Shirts. Every time I walk into Jay Jays I have to resist the temptation to buy up big. These two shirts caught my eye on

What do you think?










One of the funniest things I’ve seen in the last week. These pages are taken from the comic Tiny Titans #5.

Tiny Titans 5 pg19Tiny Titans #5 pg 23