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The Youth Minister Scorecard

I love youth ministry. I’ve devoted a huge part of my life to teaching the Bible to teenagers. People who minister to youth tend to be a different breed than other ministers. And of course there are certain stereotypes. While I’m a big fan of going against type and encouraging older, more mature Christians to work in youth ministry, sometimes the stereotypes are just plain fun.

Stuff Christians Like is a site I link to a fair bit. That’s because it makes me laugh. Here’s something that makes me laugh greatly – The Youth Minister Scorecard. As I go through the list, I know these people. I’ve either experienced these things or know someone who has.

I scored a 90.

What about you, fellow youth ministers? What did you score?

Prophecy Ain’t What It Used To Be

1 Corinthians 12 lists prophecy as one of the gifts of the Spirit. What is prophecy? Is it predicting the future or something greater? Is it a gift that is still available today or was it limited to a certain time period? If you’re not careful, you’re understanding of prophecy can lead you in some dodgy directions.

It can also leave you looking stupid.

epic-fail-prophecy-failPic courtesy of Fail Blog

Help Me Name My New Computer

A few weeks ago, The Beast died. The Beast was my first desktop PC I bought when I moved out of home. He had done me well over the last few years, but in the days leading up to his death, I could tell it was time to move on. He was struggling to perform simple tasks and really, really struggled when I asked him to do something complicated like creating graphics or making movies. Last week, I placed an order for a new machine. I wanted to make sure that everything inside the box would cope with the work out I wanted to give it. I paid so much attention to the insides, that I didn’t really put any consideration into what it would look like.

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My Little Pony of the Apocalypse

There’s something about those brightly coloured ponies that always seemed a bit sinister to me. Here’s the trailer to My Little Pony: The Movie. This aint no cartoon.

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Video Game Resignation

Used to be a time when you gave your boss your notice that you were leaving in writing. Now it seems that creating a video game and embedding your notice of resignation in the game is a valid option. Who’d of thunk it?

What other things could we use video games to communicate? Garage sales? Birthday parties? Marriage proposals?

What about gospel uses?

Are You A Good Cop Youth Leader Or A Bad Cop Youth Leader?

Check out this quiz at Stuff Christians Like to find out if you’re the kind of youth leader who’s a good cop or a bad cop.

It’s funny stuff. The problem is I love being the bad cop leader. I love being the one at 2 O’clock in the morning standing in the middle of the boys room with a mag lite telling them that they will stop talking and they will go to sleep. Yet I scored a 100% good cop rating on the quiz. Is there anyone else out there who balances mischeivious with authoritarian?

Sweet Zombie Jesus

Have you ever thought to yourself “If I wrote the Bible, there would be a lot more zombies in there”? Well here’s your chance. Head on over to the Stinque Zombie Bible and put your flesh-eating-walking corpse stamp on the Word of God.

Not that I’m condoning this kind of blasphemy. But if they ever add in pirates and ninjas, I’m not sure I could handle the awesomeness.