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Happy 1st Birthday Pop Culture Christ!

43214Or Welcome to Pop Culture Christmas!

It’s hard to believe, but Pop Culture Christ has been up and running for a whole year. What started as an excuse for me to scribble down some sermon illustrations has become an outlet for me to discuss two of my favourite things: Jesus and pop culture.

In the last year, I’ve published 181 articles. I’ve been asked to provide articles at Fervr, written a guest post at Christ and Pop Culture, and asked for an interview on Triple J radio. I’ve begun the Master List and filmed a series of Fervr Presents vodcasts. And I’ve got even more ideas for Year 2. Because of Pop Culture Christ, I find I can’t even walk down the street without thinking of reviews and articles. And that’s a good thing. As Christians, we need to be more aware of the world we live in and be able to turn everything towards proclaiming Jesus. Pop Culture Christ has been great tool for me to hone these skills. I hope it’s been helpful for you too.

What would you like to see more on here? What would you like to see less of? More reviews? More cultural observations? More video or audio? Let me know in the comments.

Here’s looking forward to a big Year 2!

Top 10 Posts for Year 1(Please note: I believe that most of these posts are in the Top 10 because of people searching for images. I’m praying that people who come across the site looking for images or movie reviews will hear the message of Jesus through my posts)

  1. Fight Club Rules
  2. Supergirl and the Fall
  3. Cliffhanger
  4. The Simpsons: The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest Star
  5. Spider-Man 3
  6. Prince Caspian
  7. The Gospel According to Ricky Bobby
  8. Flanders’ Book of Faith
  9. Alice Cooper: Along Came a Spider
  10. Annoying World Youth Day Laws

And here are 10 posts that I have some fondness for (in no particular order):

Do you have a favourite post?

End of Month Review – September 2008

The end of the month means another End of Month Review. Let’s jump right into the Top 5.

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End of Month Review – August 2008

Three months down. I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it past three weeks when I started. Thanks to everyone who has dropped in and read one of my articles. Why don’t you introduce yourself to me in the comments section? I’m really keen to find out who is reading this site and what brought you here. I met someone in the real world a few weeks ago. The next day I added him to Facebook. He let me know that he’s been following Pop Culture Christ for months, but didn’t make the connection when he met me in the real world. So shout out and let me know who you are!

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End of Month Review – July 2008

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

It’s the 30th of the month, so time for another End of Month Review. I know July has 31 days, but WordPress’ stats work on a 30 day cycle, so this will be more accurate. A lot has happened on Pop Culture Christ this month, with the site receiving more than twice the hits it received during June.

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End of Month Review – June 2008

Behind The SceneseI love checking out the stats on Pop Culture Christ. It’s great to see what people have been reading. And it is always interesting to see what people have typed into search engines to get here. At the end of every month, I aim review what’s been going on behind the scense at Pop Culture Christ.

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