big-jesus400x600-w-ruler23What is Pop Culture Christ?

Jesus is everywhere. He’s in movies, TV shows, music, books, everywhere. But sometimes it feels like no two depictions of Jesus are talking about the same guy. What does our culture think about Jesus? Who is he? What has he done? Why should we care? Is the Jesus of the world, the Pop Culture Christ, the same as the Jesus we find in the Bible?

Pop Culture Christ is a website about Jesus. It’s also about pop culture. It’s about exploring what popular culture thinks about Jesus and everything that is associated with him – the Bible, Christianity, faith, salvation, etc. And it works the other way as well. What does the Christian faith have to say about our world’s pop culture?

On this site you’ll be able to find reviews, comments on culture, sermons, and youth talks – all from a Christian perspective. Pop Culture Christ is available on RSS. You can subscribe to video and audio content through the itunes store via this link.

Who is Joel A Moroney?

Joel A¹ is the Children’s and Youth Minister at Willoughby Park Anglican Church, Sydney. He is passionate about sharing the message of Jesus with people of all ages, using LEGO as a tool to teach God’s Word, and exploring the place of the internet in 21st century Christian ministry.

Joel A is married to Katherineand has two sons. He enjoys reading comic books, building with LEGO, shopping for t-shirts, being post-modern (whatever that is meant to mean), and speaking about himself in the third person.

You can follow Joel A on Twitter and Tumblr or contact him by email.

¹Yes, it’s Joel A. What does the A stand for? Well, Joel A is a pretty post modern guy, so a better question is, what do you want the A to stand for?

6 responses to “About”

  1. Rebekah says :

    Hi Joel,
    Do you only review movies or do you review fictional books as well?

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      If you have a look through the site, you’ll see a handful of fiction book reviews. There are a couple of reasons why there aren’t more. I started full time work a year ago and my review schedule went out the window. So unless something was really new and topical, I haven’t really made the effort to review it. Secondly, it takes a lot longer to read a book than to watch a movie, so movies tend to get preference. Any book in particular you’d like to see reviewed?

  2. Rebekah says :

    I would love you to do a review on my preteen book, “Second World.” But if you are really busy don’t worry about it. I know how it is to have a full schedule.

  3. erik buys says :

    Hi Joel,

    I discovered this site by looking for links between the graphic novel Watchmen and Christianity. I wanted to explore these links a little further, although I’ve already written an essay on the subject. It might interest you as well (it was published at the sites of The Raven Foundation and the Dutch Girard Society).

    You can find it here:


    I’m generally interested in the relationship between Christ and pop culture (wrote a book, published by Averbode in Dutch, “Vrouwen, Jezus en rock-‘n-roll”), so I’ll be visiting your site more often.


  4. jackie says :

    Hello there

    i hope this email find you in a great spirit! My name is Jackie Watson and i Anchor in Hollywood CA

    i have few story link that you may link and i would like to share it w you.

    The first one is our latest on the faith base movie tittle Where hope Grows
    a movie that will be release may 15th. We had the privilege to seat down with the 2 lead actors…here is the link


    the 3 other one is for the AMAZING film do you believe that came out last month




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