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Back in 2004, I left the church where I first became part of God’s family. For a good reason. While my church was a godly, Bible-believing church, it was also heavily resourced. But a way smaller church, with far fewer resources, which was also a godly, Bible-believing church, needed help. They had raised the money to put on a ministry apprentice, under the banner of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS). They offered the role to me and I accepted. 2004 was the year I began full-time ministry as part of a church ministry team.

Over three years (most MTS apprenticeships go for two years but I call them quitters) (do I need to specify that my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek?) I learnt a lot about communicating the gospel, pastoring people and getting ministries up and running. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything and I’m really glad for the solid foundations it gave me as I started at theological college.

MTS Multiply is a bold initiative, looking to get 500 people doing an MTS apprenticeship in 2016. That’s only two years away, people! That means identifying potential apprentices, equipping new trainers, raising a bucket-load of cash to pay for all of it, and most importantly, a mountain of prayer.

Have you considered getting into full-time gospel ministry? MTS is not only a great way to test the water, it will grow you as a Christian and benefit the church. And if you’re doing it right, you’ll be smashed hard by the awesome responsibility God has given pastors to look after his sheep.

If you are in a church leadership role, have you considered putting on an apprentice – either someone home grown or imported? Some one who you can take under your wing, show them the ropes, and disciple? Are you able to actively take part in raising up new gospel ministers? Look into MTS. With the different options available through MTS, it’s more affordable than you think.

If you’d like to find out more, head on over to the MTS website

. Or feel free to ask me about my MTS experience over on Twitter (@joelamoroney)



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