Oxygen14 – The Saga Begins

This week there’s this big Christian conference going on in Sydney called Oxygen14. People from all over are here to hear God’s Word preached. And Oxygen14? I am in you.

I arrived early this morning (a big ask for a Monday morning) and spent time just sitting around watching. Waves off people walking in with suitcases, clearly fresh off the plane. People have come from all over the country and even further to be here. Occasionally I’ll glimpse an old friend in the crowd, brothers and sisters I haven’t seen in years.
I managed to work my way into the main hall early, which gave me a chance to check out the lay of the land. And also chat to stall holders before they’re swamped with people.
The big idea this week is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ – a topic I never get tired of hearing. First up is John Lennox. So far so good.
If you want to know anything about Oxygen14, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @joelamoroney .

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