Who Owns The Trademark To What Would Jesus Do?

I’m not sure it was possible to be a young Christian in the 1990’s and not own something that had What Would Jesus Do? written on it. I’m not sure where in the Bible God gave that command but it must be in there somewhere. Everything from bracelets to t-shirts to Bible covers – WWJD? was everywhere.

Which makes me a little bit surprised that no-one had claimed a trademark on the phrase.

Until now.

Sometime in 2008, entertainer Tyler Perry filed for trademark on the phrase. From the article, it’s not clear how extensive the trademark is. He filed the trademark in relation to a proposed reality TV show, so might only apply to things related to that. And that TV show? That’s just a train wreck waiting to happen. How glorious a train wreck? Only time will tell.
In the mean time, I think if your local Christian bookstore is still trying to sell WWJD? bracelets, Tyler Perry is the least of their problems.

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