Coming Soon – Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus Gods and Kings MosesNoah, while totally not a Bible based movie (sure, it had some similarities to what happens in Genesis, but it wasn’t rooted in Scripture) at least got people talking about God and the Bible. Will Exodus: Gods and Kings do the same?

Batman vs Uncle Owen while Ripley watches for the win!

As always, I have questions:

  • How will God speak to Moses? Will he be clear and direct as he is in the account in Exodus, or will he be cryptic dream guy like he is in Noah?
  • Will we be given a context to how the Israelites got to Egypt and their relationship with God?
  • From the trailer we can see at least three plagues and what looks like the parting of the Red Sea. Will these supernatural events be clearly connected to God’s plan for the Israelites and Egypt?
  • How will the movie end? At Sinai? At the edge of the Promised Land? Will the movie point to a need for a greater salvation?

Exodus: Gods and Kings should be in cinemas this December.

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