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Biblical Theology Magnets CreationIn our senior youth group here at St Luke’s we’ve just finished a teaching unit on how the Bible fits together as one big book. Drawing on a little bit of Goldsworthy and Roberts, we’ve looked at how the 66 books of the Bible are all part of one big story – God’s plan of salvation for his creation.

Being the visual learner that I am, I came up with a resource to help us each week – Biblical Theology Magnets!

There are two sets.

The first set is made up of 8 pictures which make up 8 different “eras” in the Bible: Creation, Sin, Promise, Kingdom Exile, Jesus, Church, New Creation. If I was to do this again (and I intend to) I would probably add a 9th – Divided Kingdom. 2014-04-09 13.03.02

The second set has each book of the Bible as a separate magnet, with each section/type of book grouped into the same colour (orange for the Pentateuch, green for the history books, etc).

I designed them in Publisher and printed them out on magnetic paper (available for stationary stores such as Office Works) and then cut them to size. I found these magnets really helpful as we could easily move them around the white board to illustrate where we were in God’s Word and how it connected to other books.

Here is a PDF of the Biblical Theology Magnets. Feel free to use and adapt as you like.


PDF now includes 9 “eras” including the Divided Kingdom

Biblical Theology MagnetsBiblical Theology Magnets Books


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5 responses to “Biblical Theology Resource: Magnets”

  1. bobbykeys51 says :

    Love the magnet idea! Im going to save the PDF for later use!

  2. Jessica says :

    Thank you for the simplicity of these and for sharing! These are exactly what I am looking for to aid in teaching my daughter the books of the Bible.

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