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2013-08-10-fb is one of my favourite webcomics. Even better, it’s a great Christian comic with a sharp satirical edge. I’ve written about the comic before.  A couple of months ago I promised to put up a Top 5 list of my favourite comics and here it is! It wasn’t easy getting it down to five but I got there eventually. These are presented in no particular order. Is your favourite on the list?

#1 – Matthew 28:19-20 American Popular Version



There’s a few comics in the American Popular Version series but this is my favourite. I often find myself holding back from whole-heartedly telling people about Jesus because it would be too weird. This comic hits me where it hurts – and that’s a good thing.


#2 – Like



Do you hate those chain-letter things you get in your email or on your Facebook wall that are the equivalent of emotional blackmail for Jesus? I most certainly do. This one sums up why I hate those stupid things.


#3 – Lord Just



I’ve have a problem with how we use the word “just”. I’ve written about it before. Can we all just agree how silly it sounds and agree to think before we pray out loud?


#4 – Dude What For



If God accepts us for who we are, why did Jesus have to die? If there was any other way for God to deal with the problem of sin, why did Jesus go to the cross? This comic highlights how illogical this line of thinking is.


#5 – Option



Is Jesus a liar, lunatic or Lord? Pick one, because “good moral teacher” isn’t an option.


That’s my Top 5. Did your favourite make the list? What would your Top 5 be? Let me know in the comments.

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3 responses to “My Top 5!”

  1. Elizabeth R. Bryant says :

    Thanks for the list. We are planning to include a section for similar comics in our website. Until now we have sections for various genre but not something like this. Do you think people take satire for religion in a healthy way?

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