Coming Soon: The Ten Commandments

2014-02-07 16.43.49Heard of the Ten Commandments? Sure you have. They’re right there in Exodus 20. Maybe you’re not as familiar with the actual commandments, but have at least heard of the movie. The one with Charlton Heston, of course. The others aren’t really worth watching.

No matter how familiar you are with these laws for God’s people, you might be keen to check out an upcoming TV show based on the Ten Commandments. Ten directors, including Michael Cera and Wes Craven have been signed on to create a ten part anthology series, each episode based around one of the commandments.

The show is slated to appear on the American network WGN. No word at this stage of when we can expect to see it or if it will be shown here in Australia. You can read more about it at The Wrap.

Of course, this isn’t the first project of this kind. There was a movie in 2007 called The Ten, that was essentially the same idea – ten individual stories based around the Ten Commandments. I think I’ve seen it but even after watching the trailer I can’t be 100% sure. Obviously it wasn’t super great. Here’s the trailer for The Ten:


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