Comic Panel of the Week: The Movement #9

2014-02-06 17.35.28The Movement #9

W: Gail Simone

P: Freddie Williams II

The Movement is a superhero team book that’s a bit different to what we usually see from the Big 2. These characters aren’t so much heroes – they’re the super powered members of an underground “movement” in a city full of corruption and inequality. These are broken characters in a broken city, with no clear vision of how to make things right. Which opens it up for all kinds of moral ambiguity and conflicting motives.

I loved Simone’s Secret Six series, and still miss that it isn’t part of the DC New 52. The Movement isn’t quite at Secret Six levels for me yet, but it could get there.

In the latest issue, Batgirl comes looking for a super-powered guy who lost control in Gotham and ended up killing some people. Batgirl wants to arrest him and bring him back to Gotham. The Movement have different ideas. And it’s not looking good for Batgirl.

Well worth picking up.

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