Webcomic Review: Adam4d.com

adam4dAdam4d.com is a Christian comic that has grabbed my attention over the last few months. And judging by my Facebook feed, I’m not the only one. Often laugh-out-loud funny (yes, I’m old and I will not be using the acronym, thank you) and very often insightful, Adam4d is a comic you should be checking out regularly. There are some strips that I have bookmarked for future use, because they’re just asking to be used in a sermon or Scripture class. The creator, Adam Ford, has a way of taking complex ideas and satire and reducing them to punchy sound bites and drawings that I admire. I read a lot of webcomics, but Adam4d.com is one that I know I’ll be a consistently better thinker and preacher after reading it (I’m trying hard to lay it on to thick here guys, but I really love this comic!).

A significant part of what makes this comic work is it’s approach to satire. Ford is not afraid to talk some big issues, but always seems to do it in a way that is truthful, loving and points us back to God’s Word. From his about page:

Through this webcomic I often express my beliefs in the importance of authentic faith in Jesus Christ, the sufficiency of the Bible, and knowledge of proper doctrine as a means to knowing God and the purpose of our lives. At times I express these beliefs in a satirical fashion. Satire and hyperbole on this site are not intended to disrespect anyone; they’re merely a method of illustrating ;) a point. And while this method of communication is critical/cynical by nature, I can criticize nothing the nature of which I haven’t been guilty of countless times–and far worse.

An great example of this use of satire is the recent strip Not An Option. Ford manages to take C.S. Lewis’ “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord” and present it in a way that is punchy and makes it stand out. I hope to use this strip in future when talking to people wanting to know more about Jesus – the way in which it forces you to make a decision about Jesus is pure gold.

Do you have a favourite Adam4d.com strip? Share it in the comments

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8 responses to “Webcomic Review: Adam4d.com”

  1. dave miers says :

    this is the only web comic i read.
    i think they’re fantastic!

  2. Joel A Moroney says :

    I’m with you. Might have to go through the archives and compile a Top 5. If anyone’s got suggestions, fire away! Should be an easy article for next week :)

  3. joshlama (@joshlama) says :

    Adam4d is turning into my favorite christian webcomic. My favorite is ‘Nuke 3:16’ http://adam4d.com/nuke-316/
    That being said there’s also:
    Child Care: http://adam4d.com/child-care/
    Home Sweet Home (Spurgeon Quote): http://adam4d.com/home/
    (although i don’t think it’s helpful, but I think it’s funny) “I Trolled Osteen’s site”:http://adam4d.com/i-trolled-osteens-site/, and his newest one,
    Gay Person (should be read in the context of his other comics): http://adam4d.com/gay-person/

  4. Sarah Phillips says :

    I love this webcomic and am interested to know of others that are similar. Any suggestions?

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