Pop Culture Christ Cam (PC3) Episode 3

In this episode of Pop Culture Christ Cam:
Polyphonic Spree – Yes, It’s True
Unwritten Volume 7: the Wound
Kamen Rider Wizard
And the Pop Culture Christ Inbox!

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One response to “Pop Culture Christ Cam (PC3) Episode 3”

  1. joshlama says :

    Hi Joel, I’m really liking this series. However, regarding the question about christians being ridiculed in public, I would refine your answer to say that we are no longer the majority…culturally, after being the majority for quite sometime in the western world. As the world has rejected christian thought, it would be common to think that what we thought before would be outdated and dangerous for society and culture. Still, we need to continue preaching the Gospel of Jesus and how it transforms us.

    I’m only refining this because I know the militant atheist would come up and say “you’re saying that you’re no longer the majority? Isn’t the population still majority christian?” Which is difficult to argue against.

    See also the link below which on the top of the post has links where Nathan from St.Eutychus also makes this mistake. http://st-eutychus.com/2013/how-to-debate-an-atheist-mega-brain-and-talk-about-jesus-winsomely/

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