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Les Miserables (2012)

les-mis-posterLes Misérables
Rated M
Starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Anne Hathaway

Les Misérables is one of those musicals I know a lot about but don’t know really well. About ten years ago my wife dragged me along to a local theater production of the show. But because of the joys of low budget sound systems and amateur performers, I didn’t really understand what was going on. There was a big wall made out of furniture and some guys with guns singing about a revolution. I was a bit lost. So going into the big screen version of Les Misérables, I was after one thing – to take all these songs that I’ve heard a million times on singing based reality TV shows and give me a story that can grab me by the heart and make me care.

Well, at least the singing was good.

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Christmas in Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay TitleIt’s time for another Lego series!

This year for our family Christmas service at St Luke’s we went with a “Summer Christmas” theme. Beach towels hanging along the wall and inflatable palm trees decorated with tinsel. After a game of thong tossing we had a look at what was happening in the coastal town of Paradise Bay as they prepared for Christmas.


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Sermon: What Is The Right Thing?

Sermon preached at St Luke’s Liverpool on Sunday 16th of December as part of our NTE mission.

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Sermon: Trials and Temptations

Being HumanThis term at St Luke’s we’re preaching a topical series called “Being Human” – looking at what the Bible has to say about being a person.

What’s the difference between a temptation and a trial? Why is God making me go through these things? What is the point of trials? This sermon looks at these issues in “Trials and Temptations”

Preached at St Luke’s Liverpool on the 2nd of December, 2012.

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