Webcomics Monday: Scenes From A Multiverse and the Existence of God

Scenes From A Multiverse is a webcomic that can go anywhere and everywhere. Absurd and unique universes are playgrounds waiting to be frolicked in. Which provides the author, Jon Rosenberg, plenty of room to play with ideas. Which also provides him plenty of opportunities to look at things such as religion. The genius of the setup is that he can explore the inconsistencies and fallacies that he sees in religion, without actually looking at a particular religion. Sure, we know he’s making comments about Christianity and other faiths, but he does it in a way that brings us to question our logic, not just assume he’s having a go. I don’t always agree with Rosenberg. And I don’t always agree with his logic. But I appreciate being given the opportunity to think through my beliefs and examine the logic behind them.

In this strip, we pay a visit to the Church of the Eternal Mystery, in the Pre-Afterlife Holding Zones, situated in the Dimension of Soup. A young boy asks a question that I’ve been asked many times by inquisitive young minds – “Who created God?” The response is clearly an example of someone thinking on their feet and making stuff up as they go. It’s an attempt to give a clean answer to the problem, without actually investing time in to the complexities that may be involved. And that’s a trap for us. We want to give the definitive answer. We want to give an answer so simple that it perfectly sums up everything you need to know. But God doesn’t reveal himself to us in that way. There are many things about God that he has not made clear. Maybe there’s a science involved that we haven’t discovered yet. Or maybe God doesn’t want us to know everything. All I know is that God has always existed.

John 1:1-3 says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” Before the universe was created, there was God. How does this work? I don’t know. But not knowing this does not make this illogical. Just because I can’t prove it, doesn’t make it invalid. Because I can’t disprove it either. And a God that is so much bigger than my imagination, so much bigger than my understanding of science, that God feels more real to me.



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    You reeeeeally should read the comments under the comics.

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    The majority of of the comments on this particular website dont make sense.

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