Comic of The Week: The Ray #1

A lot of books out is week jostling for top position. Most of which would easily be my number 1 in any other week. Superboy, Locke & Key, Batwoman, Demon Knights. All brilliant books. But my favourite book this week is the first issue of a mini series which introduces a new character in a classic role. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit the download button, but The Ray #1 grabbed me by the wrist and dared me not to love it. And I couldn’t resist.

Lucien Gates is a Korean American life guard who develops light based super powers in some kind of random science experiment. How he gets these powers is not really important. Palmiotti and Gray, the writers on these book, really aren’t interested in telling a traditional origin story. What they are interested in doing is telling an unconventional story with some fun characters and moments of humour.

I’m not sure which was more fun. Lucian’s (adoptive?) white hippy parents who take everything in their stride. How Lucian’s powers leave him permanently naked because his clothes keep burning off, resulting in some creative ways to cover himself. Or Chanti, Lucien’s Hindu girlfriend who insists that Lucian seek medical help because he might be radioactive. The fact that no one is shocked by Lucian gaining super powers is a novel approach which makes sense in a world where Superman regularly saves the day.

The Ray is a great book and a lot of fun. Well worth checking out.

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