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In the May edition of Southern Cross, I had an article published on Christian comic books. If you missed the article or don’t go to an Anglican church in Sydney, you can now read the article online.

I’ve received some good feedback from this article but still keen to hear what you think.

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2 responses to “Christian Comic Books”

  1. Alec Stevens says :

    Calvary Comics publishes graphic novels like SADHU SUNDAR SINGH (India’s foremost Christian in the early 20th century), REVIVAL AMONG THE ZULUS (about Erlo Stegen and the KwaSizabantu Mission in South Africa where hundreds of thousands have come to salvation in Christ), and CLENDENNEN: SOLDIER OF THE CROSS (B. H. Clendennen founded the School of Christ International which operates in over 150 different nations).

    Also on its roster is the GLORY TO GOD comics anthology featuring stories from the Bible, historical accounts (William Tyndale, John Hus, D. L. Moody), stories behind famous hymns (“Amazing Grace,” “It is Well With My Soul,” “What a Friend We have in Jesus”), and modern-day testimonies (fully authorised) of leading evangelicals (Brother Yun of China, Steven Sebyala of Uganda, & Cesar Lubrin of the Philippines) and a reprint edition of the MARX, LENIN, MAO, & CHRIST comic book (originally published by Brother Andrew in 1977).

    Lastly, the 250 page biography, E. J. PACE: CHRISTIAN CARTOONIST, features hundreds of drawings and many rare photos of Dr. Pace whose ministry as a Bible teacher was often supported by his editorial illustrations which were in turn printed in thousands of tracts, posters, and booklets.

    Visit for more information.

  2. Karl Udy says :

    My favourite is Manga Jesus by Siku. The storytelling is excellent and the dialogue is fresh. The artwork is also really good, sort of mid-way between Western and Manga style.

    I also like the Manga Messiah series. They’ve obviously gone for a more straight retelling, which means that the storytelling is not as dynamic as Manga Jesus but it does make it easier for translation, which is all the better for getting the gospel to the huge manga markets in East Asia. It is also genuine Japanese manga drawn by a Japanese artist which makes it even easier for an Asian audience to read.

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