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At the start of this year, I took on a new role at my church. I went from being a student minister (1 day a week) to the Associate Minister of St Luke’s Liverpool (I think it’s an 8 day a week job, but I haven’t figured out how that works yet). One of the benefits of this new role is that I upgraded to a bigger office. One of the downsides is that I’m actually expected to work, so punching out articles has become harder.

Anyways, last week some friends of mine who are youth ministers were sharing photos of their desks on Facebook. I thought that other people may be interested in checking out my workspace. You’ll notice that there aren’t as many toys in current office as there were in my previous home office. Trying to think through the issues of minimalism vs fun. Any suggestions? What’s missing?



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4 responses to “My Office”

  1. Julie says :

    Woohoo! A couch and everything. Doesn’t look like work happening on that computer though!

  2. Joel A Moroney says :

    How can you tell there’s no work happening on my computer? I’ve minimised all the windows so you can only see my desktop wallpaper. All games etc are on my home computer :)

  3. Mike S says :

    You need something ball-shaped to throw at walls

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