From Formspring: Is Fishing Biblical?

I’ve been pretty slack with answering questions off my Formspring site. Today that changes. Each week I’m going to try and answer at least one question both here and on Formspring. If you have any questions about Jesus or pop culture that you’d like answered, head on over and ask away!

Today’s question: Is fishing biblical?

Fishing is most definitely found in the Bible. Several of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. On more than one occasion, Jesus encouraged them to fish, most notably in Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus demonstrates his power to the future disciples by causing them to catch an impressive load of fish when they hadn’t caught any all night.
We also know that Jesus shared in many a fish based meal, such as the feeding of the five thousand, demonstrating that Jesus supported the catching and eating of fish.
I personally don’t fish. Not because I disagree with the practice, but because I don’t enjoy eating fish. I don’t see any point in hunting and killing any animal that I don’t intend on eating.
Fishing in and of itself is fine. Though like any good thing, it can be twisted and used in a wrong way. Above all, we have a God given responsibility to look after this planet and not abuse the privilege.

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