Welcome to 2011

Hi there. I know it’s been a while. No articles since October last year. Why the silence? At the end of last year:

  • I completed my theological degree at Moore College. In the last term of college I submitted over 10,000 words worth of essays plus a final year exam. Needless to say, that was pretty stressful.
  • Finished up co-ordinating school Scripture at North Newtown Public School, including arranging end of year presents, running the Christmas assembly, and handing over the co-ordinating reigns to another.
  • Moved house from a small apartment in Croydon Park to a very nice (and large) house in Casula.
  • Changed positions at my church, going from the one day a week student minister to the full time Associate Minister of St Luke’s Liverpool. Switching offices, sorting out Christmas and figuring out my new responsibilites have taken up a fair chunk of time.

So this week, I’ve finally got my office into a somewhat workable state, we’ve unpacked most of the boxes at home, and we’ve finally got the internet connected (I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms). Now all that is sorted, time to get Pop Culture Christ back up and running. I’m not sure what Pop Culture Christ will look like this year and how updating the site will fit into my new responsibilities. At this stage I’m hoping to get a new post up every week. WordPress have issued the “post a day 2011” challenge. I dont’ think I’ll be going that route. Though the “post a week 2011” challenge may be more manageable. I’m now living a bit further from the city, so I’m unsure how many press screenings for movies I’ll be able to make this year, so don’t expect the movie reviews to come as frequently as they did in 2010. God willing I’ll have Webcomic Monday up and running as a regular feature. I’m also looking into converting some of the essays I wrote for college last year into Pop Culture Christ essays, so keep an eye out.

Coming tomorrow will be a list of my favourite movies of 2010. Seems like everyone else is churning out a list, so I thought I’d join in. Any suggestions for what should be on my list?

As always, appreciate any and all suggestions for what you’d like to see on Pop Culture Christ.

Joel A


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