Webcomics Monday: Evolution and Least I Could Do

Ever have one of those shows or books that you’re kind of embarrassed to admit to being into? Not because it’s poor quality, but because as a Christian there’s some stuff in there that isn’t exactly above board? Least I Could Do is one of those things for me. The comic is incredibly well drawn and very funny. It’s full of fun pop culture references and extreme antics that are comedy gold. However, the main character, Rayne, is a bit of Lothario. His sexual conquests are many. And therefore there are some strips that are not exactly G rated.

But don’t worry! Today’s Webcomics Monday is not about sex, but evolution.

Check out the comic here.

Evolution is one of those things that can get some Christians very worked up. For the record, I believe that evolution is a theory that can fit with the creation account in Genesis and is really not worth causing division over. Take it or leave it, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Though, I do quite like Rayne’s understanding of evolution. That giraffe is pretty cute.

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