The Timothy Strategy

The internet is a very big place. People from all over the world are connected through their internet connection. Personally, I have made friends through the internet, friends that I may never have met in real life, both here in Sydney and overseas. As Christians, I believe we have a responsibility to harness tools such as the internet for the Kingdom.

And that’s just what The Timothy Strategy is doing. Using our connection to the world wide web to pray for each other.

The Timothy Strategy is a prayer network for Christian young people. The idea is simple but effective. Young people submit prayer points to the site. These prayer points are uploaded to the site. Then everyone who is part of the strategy pray for these things. There’s even a page on the site for answered prayer.

Are you a young person using the internet? Are you a Christian person committed to prayer? Then you really should consider being part of The Timothy Strategy.

Check out The Timothy Strategy here.

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