Coming Soon: Webcomics Monday

Starting next Monday, I’m planning a new weekly series for Pop Culture Christ called Webcomics Monday. Over the last few months I’ve been storing up a whole bunch of webcomics that deal with Christian and/or religious themes. Each Monday, I’ll be linking to one of these comics and briefly discussing them. So far, I’ve got enough to last me a few months at least, but I’d be very keen for people to link me to more. I don’t care how old they are, as long as they’re accessible on the net.

To get you into the mood, I thought I’d give you an idea of what webcomics I’m reading on a regular basis. Bonus points if you can link me to a comic with Christian themes that isn’t on this list!

Another Video Game Webcomic

Comic Critics

Darths & Droids

Evil Inc.

The Gutters

Irregular Webcomic

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Least I Could Do

Let’s Be Friends Again


Looking For Group

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Not Invented Here

Order of the Stick

Penny Arcade


The Rack

Real Life Comics

Scenes From a Multiverse


Something Positive




What are you reading? Is there something missing from my list that I should be checking out regularly?

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6 responses to “Coming Soon: Webcomics Monday”

  1. El Santo says :

    With regard to webcomics with Christian themes:

    Multiplex ( is a comic set amongst the employees of a movie theater. The characters are from several backgrounds, but one of the main characters is a Goth who is also a Christian, which leads to several serious discussions with her Atheist boyfriend.

    Silly Daddy (, winner of a Xeric grant, is the kind of autobiographical webcomic that takes quite a bit of time to get used to, but the writer is one who is not shy about discussing how Christian faith affects his everyday life, such as raising his kids and evangelism.

    While Evil Diva ( is not, perhaps, the strictest definition of “Christian,” it plays around with the Christian depictions of demons and angels. Only demons are more aligned with mischief and angels are more aligned with etiquette, and they actually live side by side on the same suburban block in the afterlife. The main character, Diva, is born a devil, but she seems to act closer to being an angel.

  2. Joel A Moroney says :

    Thanks El Santo! I’ll check them out. I haven’t heard of Silly Daddy and Evil Diva before. I used to read Multiplex but haven’t checked it out in years. I don’t remember the Goth character. Is she a relatively recent addition?

    • El Santo says :

      I haven’t read Multiplex for over a year myself. You’re right, though, the goth character wasn’t very prominent in the early strips. I think her name was Angie. She had been floating around in the background for a while. Around the time I stopped reading it, though (around a year ago), Angie had been elevated to main character status and her background was fleshed out quite a bit.

  3. David Morgan-Mar says :

    As the author of two of the comics on your list, I’ll be very interested to see what you have to say! (Though I didn’t think Darths & Droids had any religious themes in it… unless you count The Force.)

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