Should A Christian Listen To Heavy Metal Music?

I’ve started up a Formspring site. Formspring is a place where people can ask you questions anonymously and you put the answers up on your page. I’m keen to see if it would be useful for ministry purposes. If you’d like to help me out with my experiment, head on over and ask me your Pop Culture Christ related questions.

I had a good question about heavy metal music go up today that I thought I might share with you here.

Q: Is it alright for a Christian to listen to heavy/death metal music? (What about a Christian metal band?)

A: As people who have been saved by grace, we have a lot of freedom. We are free to choose what we watch and what we listen to. However, it is important to know what we are consuming and how it affects us. If the lyrics of songs are persuading you to a worldview that is not in line with Christianity, then you should consider not listening to it. If the style of music produces thoughts and emotions inside you that are not consistent with the Christian life, then stop listening to it. Just because something calls itself Christian, doesn’t mean it will be edifying to all believers. That’s where you need the Holy Spirit to help you make a wise decision.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to heavy metal music, but all music.

What do you think? Keen to hear your comments.

Is it alright for a Christian to listen to heavy/death metal music? (What about a Christian metal band?)

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54 responses to “Should A Christian Listen To Heavy Metal Music?”

  1. Ethan says :

    I love metal. However, i have also been suffering psycological depression. I think my depression assisted my love of metal rather than the other way round, but it didnt really help either.

    It was nice to know there were other… See more people who where thinking about the world the same way I was and feeling the same way i did, and having your emotional state played back to you in audible form is a really cool experience, but at the same time at no point did these artists go ‘hey, we’re feeling angry and frustrated and sad, lets do something about it’. Now, at that time I didnt think there was anything wrong with my mental state, i just thought life sucked. When someone figured it out and told me I was depressed, i didnt beleive them until i compared how i was thinking to the beyond blue checklist thing.

    I heard one of the singers from good charlotte (not metal, but in a similar mental space) say that goiing to concerts and talking to other people who felt isolated and alone was great, and like going to a group therapy session (this i beleive was related to their song “black parade)

    to a certain extent, heavy metal provided this for me. I felt, to a poiint, validated in what I felt and less alone, but at the same time nor was I getting better. I was wallowing in my depression rather than fixing it.

    I’ve been going to a therapist for a while and feeling much better, and I still love metal. But I am also balancing it out with more positive music as well, which i can relate to better now I’m feeling more positive. Musics greatness comes from its emotional roots, but its important to be aware that anything you consume can become part of you.

    I see metal as anything good really, its only good if consumed at the right time and in appropriate quantities.

  2. lessonsthatrock says :

    As an avid death metal fan, I find that most death, black, thrash and doom metal bands are very agnostic or atheistic and their lyrics reflect this world view. The lyrics denounce and blaspheme God with such titles as “Christ Deformed” etc.

    I don’t believe a Christian would have much business listening to stuff that openly advertises such disregard for their own faith. Isn’t that like A PETA member secretly liking fur coats? Trying to enjoy the things their “faith” is the antithesis to?

    Just my thoughts…

    • John says :

      There are many bands with Christian lyrics in metal which I think is great, even in ‘Black metal’ which they call Unblack Metal. Here are some album/band suggestions, the band names are on the left:

      Death Metal:
      Mortification- Scrolls of the Megilloth, self titled album, Break the Curse
      Crimson Thorn

      Shadows of Paragon
      Poems of Shadows
      Crimson Moonlight

      Ultimatum- Puppet of Destruction, Into the Pit……
      Sacrament- Testimony of Apocalypse, Haunts of Violence
      Temple of Blood
      Deliverance- Weapons of our Warfare, self titled
      Disaffection- Begin the Revolution

      Veni Domine
      Place of Skulls
      David Benson
      Troglodyte Dawn
      Goliath- The Gate

      There are many many more bands though…

    • newenglandsun says :

      Hello, as an avid symphonic black metal fan, I know also there are many bands that incorporate Satanism into their lyrics and are very hostile toward Christianity (Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Cradle of Filth, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, etc.). However, the question is: “If the lyrics of songs are persuading you to a worldview that is not in line with Christianity”. As such, listening or reading something does not always enforce you to agree with it.

      It would also be like asking the question as to whether an atheist should listen to Christian music. If someone is an atheist, they also have equal liberty of what music they listen to. Thus, they are more than welcome to listen to all of the Christian music they want and still be an atheist. I listen to Christian music that presents doctrines that I do not necessarily agree with.

  3. Georgina says :

    I really love my death and heavy metal as it helps me deal with my life better it gives me the “i dont care” attitude which is really helpful as i am really self conciouse and lack confidence but latley ive been getting really intrested in saturnism and following that path of life, as iv recently got into some heavier stuff and its got a lot of saturnism talk in and chants but its bothering me because am getting really connected with that sort of thing and i dont know how to come detached am so intrested with it all and my idol and inspiration is phill anselmo so thats not helping becuse hes all about saturnism and everything he says i tend to go along with its wierd i cant exsplain but theres something going on in this world,evils getting stronger by the day and one by one were all going to fall astary as i am exspiercing myself.

    sorry about the spelling not good with letters

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      Hi Georgina.
      I don’t know where you’re at with God. But if you’re concerned that your choice of music is dragging you away from Christianity, you need some help and support. If you’re part of a church, speak to your pastor. Let him know what’s going on in your life and ask him for prayer and guidance. If you’re not part of a church and you want to know more about following Jesus, then you really need to join a church.
      Sometimes we need to get rid of something we love because it’s getting in the way of something we love more. If you love Jesus and metal music is getting in the way, then you need to consider removing metal music from your life.
      I’ll be praying for you.

      • Georgina says :

        Thankyou for your reply,am not part of a church i dont have the confidence to join but i will try and give up some of my music but its going to be hard due to its big impact in my everday life.thankyou for your advice i really appreciate it.

      • Joel A Moroney says :

        Can I really encourage you to join a church. Cutting out something from your life that’s stopping you from being godly is one thing. But you really need the support and encouragment from other Christians.

    • John says :

      I am not trying to take away from the advice given to you by others, but there are many great Christian metal bands out there if you want something positive to listen to. Here are just a few:

      Death Metal:
      Mortification- Scrolls of the Megilloth, self titled album, Break the Curse
      Crimson Thorn
      7 Horns 7 Eyes
      Tortured Conscience

      Ultimatum- Puppet of Destruction, Into the Pit……
      Tourniquet- any album is great
      Eternal Decision- Self Titled
      Sacrament- Testimony of Apocalypse, Haunts of Violence
      Temple of Blood
      Deliverance- Weapons of our Warfare, self titled
      Disaffection- Begin the Revolution

      Heavy Metal:
      Sacred Warrior
      The Sacrificed
      Barren Cross

      There are many many more bands though….
      God bless-

  4. Georgina says :

    Thanks but i cant its to hard for me.

  5. lessonsthatrock says :

    Hey Georgina, just a thought, but don’t worry about giving up heavy metal now, if God wants you to get lose it, than that’s his problem. Beyond that, if he really wants you to lose it, he’ll give you the desire to lose it AND he’ll replace it with something better. Just go to church, get involved with a communal support group (youth group, etc), and let Him do the work.

  6. Georgina says :

    good point and thanks.

  7. eric says :

    i love metal and i am a cristian theres alot of thing in life that i do not any more becuz i am a cristian metal is my get away if your going to let music influence u than u are just gullable and would fall 4 any thing ive tried listening to other music like one band a christian band called casting crown and a few others but it just is not hard enuf 4 me i geuss im a true metal head im guessing metal is ok if u listent the music more than the lyrics and if god wants me 2 quit metal he will tell me in his own way i havent heard anything yet

  8. Stas says :

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading these comments and I haven’t heard anyone mention Christian metal; just “metal” and I’m guessing you mean secular metal because of what I’ve read. Well I personally like alternative, heavy and thrash metal better than death metal but I still know a few good death metal bands for anyone who’s interested.
    #1 Haste the Day
    #2 Living Sacrifice
    #3 With Blood Comes Cleansing
    #4 Bloodlined Cilligraphy
    #5 The devil Wheres Prada.
    And here are a few of my favorite Christian metal bands:
    #1 Disciple
    #2 Tourniquet
    #3 Eternal Decision
    #4 Demon Hunter
    and #5 Skillet (not metal, but hard rock.)
    So guy, listen to some of those bands and if you like the sound then listen to the lyrics. And if you want I’ll tell you some of my favorite songs from whatever bands you like.

  9. lessonsthatrock says :


    Haste the Day and The Devil Wears Prada, and With Blood Comes Cleansing are not death metal. They’re no where near that. True metal fans usually have a distinct dislike of core metals (metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, etc)

    Try Necrophagist, Opeth, in Flames, Decapitated. Killwhitney is a deathcore band, but they’re one of like 2 core bands I like.

  10. Stas says :

    Yeah that’s true and Demon Hunter is metalcore too, it kicks ass though. Like I said before though I like alternative and thrash the best so that’s what I know most about. Like “By God” by Disciple is one of my favorite songs.

  11. arun rai says :

    Ah I love to listen metal music.It is not written and posted anywhere dat metal music should not be listened and be played.What I believe in is, our almighty lord created the music. Da devil stoled from us and changed it into as a metal …so to bring it back from da satan we should play and listen to da metal music……

  12. sally says :

    I am a mum and have an issue with my son listening to ‘christian’ metal music, you know, the stuff which is screaming and ‘growling’! Now I’m not a prude, when I was a teenage christian, Ilistened to styles of christian music that was considered a bit ‘out there, however, my son is ultra moody, depressed, and really unpleasant to be around, he is self harming and throws a fit if we suggest it may have something to do with his choice of music. These christian metal artists MAY have a valid ministry to people who are involved in that tyle of muic, but my heart felt feeling is that it comes from a very dark influence which isn’t lost when the lyrics change…

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      We have a lot of freedoms as God’s people. But just because we are free to do something doesn’t mean we should do it. We are free to listen to Christian metal music. But that doesn’t mean that listening to this music is a good thing for everyone. Music affects everyone differently. So if Christian metal causes you to act in ways that are unhealthy or ungodly, then stop listening to it.

    • othniel says :

      hi, I get what you’re saying. For starters, you could try to find out what exactly does he listen to. what are the beliefs and lifestyles of the bands? what message do they give out? what do they promote?. and above all….a personal relationship with God outside of music is important. try to help him realize that.

    • newenglandsun says :

      Hello. I have grown up with very superstitious parents (and still live with my parents as of right now) and I definitely get irritated with them from time to time. I could also classify myself as being “moody” at times. My parents sometimes tell me that it is video games that are to blame. I think the first goal is to not be superstitious about inanimate objects having effects on people’s lives. There is generally more than just one factor. For instance, they may have had a rough day at school/work. They may be being bullied or failing a class. They may just simply be in a stage of their life where they need a lot of loner time and just want to avoid conversations. Sometimes my parents ask me questions about my day that I simply ignore because I am trying to eat and really want to concentrate on eating. I have no clue what it is going on with your son but I think the last thing you want to do is try to assess what is going on yourself. Because if your assessment is wrong, then it could do damage to your communications with him.

  13. Richard Russo says :

    All I have to say is one of the members of Slayer, the most metal band of all time is Catholic. If he is Catholic and in a band that did a song called “God Hates Us All,” then it’s okay to be Christian and listen to heavy metal music.

    • Egor says :

      Richard, I don’t think that his choice is a good example of behaviour for a Christian. Keep in mind that “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful” (Psalm 1). Also many people just call themselves Christians for some reason but in fact they do the opposite to what Bible teaches us. Some things such people say are dangerous for faith of those who listen to them.

    • Heath Dustin Roper says :

      Even though it has been said that they are Catholic they use the line “God hates us all” because that image brings them success and they are more in love with their fame than their Catholic faith and it’s not hard to understand they idolize their success on this earth and not believing what is said by God’s word

      • Richard Russo says :

        in an interview the vocalist said that god doesn’t hate, but “It’s a great f***ing title”

  14. anonymous says :

    I personally like Becoming The Archetype and August Burns Red.

  15. anonymous says :

    I stil prefer to be aware what I listen to though

  16. Amanda Krishna says :

    I have something relevant to this except, I like listening to dark ambient music and the titles may represent something from the occult (may also be Satanic at times), except it has no lyrics only instrument sounds so I can interpret it in other ways. Is that problematic?

    • othniel says :

      I like dark instrumentals too :). I guess if it starts you thinking about things that would not please God or if your behavior changes for the worst then you shouldn’t listen to it.

  17. JB says :

    The bible in Philippians 4 says What so ever things are true..noble…just..PURE, LOVELY, GOOD REPORT, if there be any virtue and if anything praisworthy…meditate on these things. Im just saying. Darkness is opposite of light which is what Jesus represents..I believe a christian if they really are and not just claiming, would feel conviction and a loss of connection with Christ if they listen to this type of music. I believe it to be walking the precipass to see how close we can come to the world when christians make and listen to so called christian Metal. Satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is using every trick in the book to desensitize us and make us accept a less purity. This music is the antithisis of Christ just like lessonsthatrock says. at least hes honest.

    • newenglandsun says :

      Matthew 15:16-20 – So Jesus said, “Are you also still without understanding? Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.”

      The Bible, for all its worth, really should not enter into discussions as to what kinds of music Christians should listen to. There is absolutely nothing in it that says “Do not listen to the music that the pagans listen to! It is filled with stuff that honors their gods and not our God!”

      Theologically speaking, all music comes from one source – God. Thus, there cannot be no Christian music.

  18. Rosemberg says :

    Lately the whole music thing has been driving me crazy. I myself am a Christian and want straight-up answers. Another website, a Christian website, deemed bands like Relient K, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Demon Hunter as Christian bands that hit rock bottom. This broke my heart, especially regarding Demon Hunter! I love them but I also want to follow the right path. Demon Hunter seemed legit. I want to know if it’s really wrong or okay to listen to those bands, especially Demon Hunter. I trusted them…

  19. Joel A Moroney says :

    This is an issue that really seems to have struck a nerve. What I’m hearing is a lot of people wanting a yes or no answer to the question.
    Problem is, this is not a black and white issue. The Bible doesn’t give us a clear command either way. Unlike murder or stealing or sexual immorality, the answer might differ from person to person.
    This is an issue of wisdom. Each situation is going to be different for each person. God has made us all wonderfully different. I can’t tell you what is right for you on this wisdom issue because I don’t know you. I can’t see your life as a whole. I can only encourage you to know your Scriptures, know your Lord, and know how you can best serve him.
    If metal music gets in the way of God, get rid of it. If you enjoy it and it’s not having any affect on you, then you are free to listen to it.

  20. Jake Peters says :

    My take on the situation:

    From heavy metal to death metal, I listen to a variety of secular and christian related music. I believe however that modern conservative christians find if the lyrics are unwholesome, the music itself is “the devil”, whereas most listeners like myself enjoy the fast paced, invigorating music such as “the black dahlia murder”, if the listener grows hostile in reaction to the music then in no doubt should he be taken away from it. It’s a hit and miss subject. But in my perspective, as long as you live and portray a God centered life, go right ahead. But if you are teetering on the edge I’d suggest seeing yourself from it since it’s a gateway into a satanic world.


    • Daniel Wright says :

      For me, Lyrics are key. As A Christian if you are not comfortable with the lyrics or they are Blasphemous In any way you should consider not listening to it. That goes for all types / genres of music.
      Myself I like Heavy Metal, the Heavier the better. Does that mean I act in a non-Christian way? I don’t think so, some may disagree though. You see I really like music, I get into it with body, soul, and mind. I like to Mosh for example, some may think that is wrong, I don’t. For me it is a release, of energy / emotions, and way to share a mutual felling about what I am listening too. I have never been In a mosh pit that the participants have actually tried to hurt one another, it does happen on occasion, but the act was not intended. (Do do accures.)
      I am 49 years old been to many concerts , Mayhem fests, Ozzfests, and many others shows, local and national acts. I choose who I listen too, with the help of My Lord, I make the right decisions.
      So is heavy metal The Devils music? I think not. The music has nothing to do with it, The lyrics contained within the music, on the other hand, can be dangerous, confusing, and misleading.
      Should Christians Listen to Heavy Metal? Why not? After all. Elvis Presley was considered to be the work of the Devil and so were most of the “rock and roll” musicians of that time. Very timid by today’s standards.
      What ever genre of music interests you and enlightens you in a positive / Christian way, who is to say that it is wrong? Isn’t Judgment For God and God alone?
      Hope this helps.


      • Praise & Worship says :

        Aside from the issue of music, I think we should clarify what ‘judgment’ means…when the Bible tells us to ‘judge not’, it is referring to the idea that we should not judge the status of someone’s relationship with God. When we, as Christians, use the Bible as our guide and say that something, according to God, is sinful, that is not judgment, that is simply quoting the Word. For example, saying that someone who is committing adultery is committing sin is not being judgmental – we are simply stating what we have been told by God in the Bible. If we were not supposed to ‘judge’, then we could not have a legal system for those involved in criminal acts. We certainly don’t consider it ‘judgment’ when someone robs or steals – we are simply using our discernment to differentiate between what the Bible tells us is right from wrong.
        Something that has not been addressed here is the issue of being a ‘stumbling block’ for others. In the Bible, Paul decided to abstain from eating the meat of sacrificial animals; not because it was sinful to do so, but because his doing so may influence other people. Listening to the type of music that you like certainly may not be inherently wrong, but you have to ask yourself if doing so (specifically in the presence of new believers) is going to be a stumbling block for them. They do not know enough about Christianity yet to be as discerning as a mature Christian, so I would just encourage all of us to be aware of the way that what we do affects others. For example, I don’t personally believe that having a glass of wine or two is really a ‘sin’ in God’s eyes. However, due to my involvement and leadership role in my church, this is something that I abstain from in public. Not because I am trying to hide anything, but because I don’t want someone else to be mislead. Our music choices will influence others – you have to decide what type of influence it will be…

  21. Praise & Worship says :

    Something that has not been addressed here is the issue of being a ‘stumbling block’ for others. In the Bible, Paul decided to abstain from eating the meat of sacrificial animals; not because it was sinful to do so, but because his doing so may influence other people. Listening to the type of music that you like certainly may not be inherently wrong, but you have to ask yourself if doing so (specifically in the presence of new Christians) is going to be a stumbling block for them. They do not know enough about Christianity yet to be as discerning as a mature Christian, so I would just encourage all of us to be aware of the way that what we do affects others. For example, I don’t personally believe that having a glass of wine or two is really a ‘sin’ in God’s eyes. However, due to my involvement and leadership role in my church, this is something that I abstain from in public. Not because I am trying to hide anything, but because I don’t want someone else to be mislead. Our music choices will influence others – you have to decide what type of influence it will be…

    • Daniel Wright says :

      I have to admit that I have not given much thought to Heavy Metal being a stumbling block. I personally don’t think this to be true, after all, most people who decide to become Christians have the intelligence to make that decision, so likewise, it would seem, they would have the intelligence to decide what music to listen to. Or I should say what “Lyrics” to listen to.
      Now before anyone posts about children not having the capability to make that decision, I totally agree. That is why we have to educate the young ones. As for musical choices, we shouldn’t, in my opinion, restrict what they want to listen to, but listen to it ourselves first and make a completely unbiased decision as to it’s contents and meanings. “Lyrically”. If the “lyrics” don’t meet the standards that you would like to incorporate into the children, find other sources of music,within the genre of interest, that “Lyrically” uphold the standards that you wish to instill. If you simply restrict their choice, you open up questions and create an interest that they WILL act upon. Face it they are kids, and Kids find a way to do things parents or elders don’t want them to do. The same goes for some adults, ever see a wet paint sign and wonder if the paint is wet?

      I don’t think it would be right if anyone was denied the opportunity to listen to bands like “Flyleaf” and many other “Christian Heavy Metal” bands. Many have a great message to share and a fellowship to be enjoyed and give thanks for. Many Heavy Metal bands that don’t label themselves as “Christian” have a firm foundation in Christ also.

      So Please, just because the music is loud and you can barely understand the lyrics, the guitars scream with ear piercing tones, and the drums shake your whole body, don’t condemn the music out of pure ignorance. I understand that it can be a gateway to satanism, that is why the “lyrics” are so important. I’m sure you could find music in all genres that teach satanism, they don’t get the attention that Heavy Metal does because of it’s popularity.

      • Praise & Worship says :

        Great points. I am in no way saying that this genre is satanic or anything of the sort. Of course it could be, but just because it’s labeled heavy metal does not automatically make it bad. I definitely agree with you. I don’t think that we can assume that new believers have the discernment to perhaps understand that this type of music can be fine. The Apostle Paul did not say, “Well, these people are Christians, and if they had the intelligence to make that decision then they have the intelligence to realize that eating the meat of sacrificial animals is perfectly fine.” Paul realized that these new believers came into Christianity with all kinds of (incorrect) preconceived notions about what Christians are and are not, and what we should and should not do. I am not saying that this music is a stumbling block, I am just saying that we need to be wise enough to realize that for some people, it could be. We need to be sensitive to that and adjust our actions accordingly.

  22. Justin says :

    I listen to a lot of death metal, screamo, industrial metal and punk yet I’m a Christian. If you’re concerned about the lyrics, then it’s ok so long as you don’t actually do what they’re singing. (that would just be dumb) but the point is metal (death, melodic, heavy, etc) is very unique in a way that’s dark and mysterious, not to be confused with dark and evil. Of course if you’re worried about the lyrics then you could always try listening to instrumental Metal.

  23. Gunsn'Roses8281995 says :

    I’m christian but I don’t listen to christian metal. I just don’t like it at all. Iron maiden, Megadeth, and Avenged Sevenfold are my favorite bands. When you listen to music why does it have to be about God. It’s not a sin to listen to a song like Iron Maiden’s “Paschendale” which is about a battle in WW1 or Megadeth’s “Of Mice and Men” which is about Dave Mustaine’s life. If you want to listen to metal it doesn’t have to be “Christian Metal”, which in my opinion sucks. People just assume Metal is satanic just because of the imagery or the mention of the word hell or devil. Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” is not promoting the devil, it’s about a nightmare Steve Harris had and is a damn good song. All I’m trying to say is that songs are like movies, do you only watch the ones about god?

  24. Kaitlin Morrison says :

    If I’m in the mood, unblack bands like Crimson Moonlight or Horde. I think lyrical content is important, so it’d be a terrible idea to listen to satanic music in any style.

  25. haela says :

    I personally believe, as a Christian that as long as what you listen to glorify the almighty God then it doesn’t matter what type of music it is. God is the creater of all things even down to every type of music that’s out there! Some people cant handle all the screaming and loud instruments in the background and some people are drawn to it. I love all kinds of worship music but tend to manly listen to my heavy metal stuff becase I see it as people laying all they have before God, your joy and happiness, your pure and true love for God and also your fears your pain and your hurt. All of witch even as a follower of the living Christ we humans have, its just that because we have faith and believe in him he makes the bad stuff livable until our savior Jesus comes for us. All the emotions we have can sound beautiful or for some people it just comes out as screaming! When I hear it my heart understand how they feel, that’s just me persoanlly. But if you don’t get it or agree its for you then no one is telling you you have to listen to it. Its not bad but everyone is different THANK GOD! So is it bad for a Christian to listen to it … no, its worship music . The same as every other type of music its Gods music but the world has taken it and corrupt it . Well that’s just how I see it, to answer the question a Christian can listen to what ever type of music he or she wants to but as long as its to God be the glory!!!!!!

  26. Sidney Steed says :

    Hi. I am a big fan of metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Black Veil Brides (my favorites) and I will be the first to say there is language and talk about sex (Avenged Sevenfold more than Black Veil Brides). I don’t live by what they say but
    I like the music and I ignore the language. I have my nose pierced, wear their shirts, and headbang, but I am a definite Christian and can’t stand it when I’m accused of devil worship. Thank you for clearing things up for me and my family :)

  27. Ariel says :

    I don’t believe that it is wrong to listen to metal music, that is if it glorifies God’s name. God’s name can be lifted up in many different ways, whether your on your knees simply shouting out praises to your savior or Screaming into a microphone, the Lord can still be glorified through it. Dancing and shouting praises to the point of even looking silly isn’t even wrong, just as long as you’re doing it for the Lord. As a matter of fact, King David danced in the streets worshiping the Lord, it says so in the Bible. (2 Samuel 6:14-17) On this occasion, “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets. As the ark of the Lord was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart. They brought the ark of the Lord and set it in its place inside the tent that David had pitched for it, and David sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before the Lord”

  28. Perry says :

    I too have been struggling with this, for a long time now. I really enjoy all kinds of metal, but feel uncomfortable sometimes since I am a Christian. Luckily, most of the time I don’t understand what vocalists are saying – BUT I do understand the anger and frustration they have, and sometimes feel as if it’s driving me away from my faith.

    I really enjoy power metal especially, which I believe has nothing wrong with it at all as far as religion goes. It’s more about “nerdy” concepts (fantasy based)

  29. thaisha smith says :

    i listen to heavy, thrash etc but for me it doesnt affect my love and beliefs of god either change my moods i just love it but sometimes i just get a rest from it and dedicate myself to my spiritual food. is that correct?

    • Dillon Domino says :

      I am a Christian and I listen to metal. However, I do NOT listen to metal bands that do not spread good messages in their lyrics. I do not, and never will, believe that the sound of the music makes it magically wrong. LYRICS is what you need to consider. My favorite band is As I Lay Dying, they are Christian metalcore. They have some of the most positive, uplifting lyrics I have ever read. blessthefall as well, with songs such as “The Reign” or “Promised Ones”. Demon Hunter is a strong Christian band as well! I would say that we must discern what we listen to. I think listening to open, or even not openly, satanic bands is wrong. Listening to metal as long as they are leaving the right lyrics with you is all good. Here is a passage from an As I Lay Dying song, called “Upside Down Kingdom”:

      We are not forgotten, for a kingdom is offered beyond that of golden streets.
      We can represent now what will one day be complete.

      Simplicity is not a curse where strength is humbled and the powerless rise (and the powerless rise).
      This is a kingdom born upside-down.
      This is a kingdom where the broken are crowned.

      Hope that helps you decide.

  30. Ajiaji says :

    I happen to like metal/rock for the dark (in color), shiny, obscure/abstractness, and power that separates it from other forms of conventional music. In other words, I like it from the viewpoint of an artist and an intellectual. It just meshes so well with black and red (which just so happen my favorite colors for reasons beyond me.) It also keeps me awake, and listening to it when mad or feeling down makes me feel rather cathartic – as if by listening to it, I am letting the negativity leave my system – rather than spewing more anger.

    Does my listening mean I am against God? No. Am I evil and do I actually want to act according to the lyrics? Not really, that would probably be stupid.

    And just because I no longer attend a private school and am exposed to environments of differing religions and just because I don skulls/black colors/stuff that look punkish… all that doesn’t make me a traitor… or at least I hope. I don’t know. Because at the same time, I’m no longer in a setting that requires (or promotes) the rituals/mass that we Christians are all familiarized with early on. In other words, I have to voluntarily do my worship thing, seek out mass to attend, and pray as I see fit. And of course, I do just that… not because I’m required. But because I want to… and maybe it’s the perceptions of what many fellow Christians in my family think of me and my fear of their chiding me for being too dark and etc. that’s been going on lately.

    I don’t know. This posting and this train of thought has confused me even more. I personally don’t feel that it’s bad for me/ I believe myself to be a sensible individual, but those who insist that it’s like a trojan horse ready to strike into your soul/slowly corrupt you/that I’m being a hypocrite … are bothersome. :\

  31. Adrian says :

    I think you should be able to listen to anything you want. I mean you have “free will”. This means that if you mess up in life, it’s because of something you did. I interpret god as not this powerful being in the sky but as just love, because in the end of the day, that is what all human being in the world wants to feel. God is the ability for humans to feel love for everyone and strive for peace and equality. Not to offend anyone but religion is just how we humans explain something before science comes and answers it. I do not want to offend anyone just wanted to give my thoughts on this. Also, what music is right or wrong to you depends on your moral standpoint, which means no one in the world is right (or wrong) in how they choose to live their life. If you think murder, rape and all that good stuff is wrong, that is your moral standpoint. There are people with other morals that will look at you as if you are crazy and what you are doing is wrong. Of course, they are wrong, but so are you. In conclusion, just live your life in a matter that you strive for peace and love for all and what you listen to or watch won’t matter at all.
    By the by, I’m 15.

  32. Brett Shelton says :

    Im a christian and I listen to death metal bands and satanic black metal bands that totally denounce christ but it does not deter me from God is it wrong that I listen to such music even if I dont believe in the message?

  33. adamlunz says :

    I love the band tool. But at times they take me back to my active addiction days. I was a lead guitarists in a psychedelic band in l.a. tool. Hendrick. Floyd amazing music. But we need to realize that most of them are involved in black magic the occult and the song euology by tool is what makes me realize that to follow Christ ” I must live according to his purpose. I was once just them full of anger hats resentments. But in the words of Jesus blessed are the poor in spirit they shall find the kingdom of heaven. Merry Christmas happy hanuhka

  34. newenglandsun says :

    Oh, sorry, I forgot to post this great website which allows one to search for heavy metal bands in all genres (which are not metalcore, nu metal, or alt metal just pure heavy metal) according to lyrical themes. So if you are looking for a good Christian artist (or secular artist), just enter in the genre. For a Christian artist try “Christianity” and then search according to lyrical themes.

  35. metal dude says :

    I listen to lots of metal but I have always avoided anything actually satanic by looking at the lyrics first, not because i feel it would lead me astray, but just because it hurts me to hear blaspheme. God bless!

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