The Youth Minister Scorecard

I love youth ministry. I’ve devoted a huge part of my life to teaching the Bible to teenagers. People who minister to youth tend to be a different breed than other ministers. And of course there are certain stereotypes. While I’m a big fan of going against type and encouraging older, more mature Christians to work in youth ministry, sometimes the stereotypes are just plain fun.

Stuff Christians Like is a site I link to a fair bit. That’s because it makes me laugh. Here’s something that makes me laugh greatly – The Youth Minister Scorecard. As I go through the list, I know these people. I’ve either experienced these things or know someone who has.

I scored a 90.

What about you, fellow youth ministers? What did you score?

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2 responses to “The Youth Minister Scorecard”

  1. Chris Holding says :

    Hey Joel A

    I got 63 – apparently I’m a legend – but only got over reached it because I have been “asked when I’ll become a real minister” and “wakes up at 4am on youth camp to wake up youth”.

    …it does add some ideas to the melting pot of youth ministry and frustratingly promotes an unhealthy stereo type

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      Hi Chris
      What I like about the quiz is
      a) it’s satire. it’s meant to be a good laugh
      and b) it does help highlight what some of the stereotypes of youth ministry are out there.
      We can have a good laugh because the nature of youth ministry will lend to some craziness. We’ve all got the stories to share. But it’s also helpful to think about ourselves. Are we playing to the stereotype? Does our behaviour need to change?

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