Won’t They Go To Doggie Heaven?

When the Rapture hits, there’s going to be a lot of loose ends to take care of. Empty houses, vacant jobs, etc. There’s no way of knowing how a sudden removal of all the world’s Christians will affect emergency services – someone’s bound to leave an iron on when they float up to heaven.

But the big question is, what will happen to your pet?

Now don’t panic. Things are going to be okay for the family dog or cat. Because a group of well meaning, animal loving atheists have heard your concerns and have come to the rescue. If you sign up to their special service, they will rush to the aid of your pets in the event of Rapture. Of course, you’ll need to pay a small fee now, just to make sure their services will be available.

I hope you can see the problems with this.

And for the record, I don’t believe in the Rapture and don’t believe it is a concept consistent with the Bible and the picture of suffering it presents. So when we finally get that cat that my wife has wanted since forever, we won’t be needing to sign up to any post-Rapture kitty rescue program.

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2 responses to “Won’t They Go To Doggie Heaven?”

  1. Kylez says :

    LMAO! I laughed so hard when I first read about this on smh.com.au. I just couldn’t believe it! I’ll say from the start, I’m like you I don’t believe that there will be a rapture.

    Someone has obviously been desperate to ‘Get Rich Quick’ and this is their way of doing it. I personally can’t believe that anyone would fall for this, despite them saying in their FAQ’s that it’s not a joke. Even if it’s not a joke it’s still taking advantage of people and its so wrong in so many ways and on so many levels.

    I also wondered if the person behind this idea is really a christian and feels that this is a good way to engage with non-christians over a shared interest (animals) and possibly convert people. It’s certainly outside of the box enough to almost be what they are trying to do.

    I had to laugh though (when I wasn’t being seriously concerned) when I was on their site and reading their FAQ’s, when I cam across this one –
    Q: Do YOU believe in the Rapture.
    A: As atheists we do not hold beliefs in the supernatural or a divine being. Thus, we do not believe in the Rapture. However, we respect the beliefs of others and are open to the possibility that our perspective could possibly be wrong.

    “…are open to the possibility that our perspective could possibly be wrong”…wouldn’t that then make them more agnostic than atheist? I’m not 100% sure on the differences between the two terms, but I would think someone who was agnostic wouuld be more open to the rapture happening and that a real atheist would never do something like this because they would then have to admit that yes, there may be a God but we may never know, where as athiests flat out reject the notion of any God or supernatural realm don’t they?

    Either way, it’s all very very wrong!

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