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I don’t write much about sport on here. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sport. I very much enjoy playing sport. I’m just not much into following sport. I’m far more interested in the starting line up of the Justice League than I am in the run on squad of the Wallabies.

But sport is part of the national culture of Australia. Growing up, I spent every Saturday during the footy season either playing football or hanging around the field as my brothers played. For many Australians it would be a very similar story, whether it be soccer, netball, nippers, whatever. It’s a massive part of the Australian life, but one that is relatively untapped by Christian ministry. That’s what I’m excited about the work being done by Sydney Sports Coalition.

In April, they’re running the Sydney Sports Ministry Training Camp. It’s being run by experienced sports ministry people to train people up to work as sports chaplains or to incorporate sports ministries into their church activities. There are millions of Australians out there who would much rather spend time with their sports families than the family of God. Wouldn’t it be great if we could train people up so that they could connect with these sporting families and introduce them to Jesus?

If you’d like more information about this training camp, download the brochure at the bottom of this post or email Jim Dayhew.

Sydney Sports Ministry Training – 2010[1]

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