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800px-Science_museum_025_adjustedThe idea of an online church has been around for as long as the internet. This online church in Indiana has been getting 60,000 unique hits a week. Has any ever checked this out (or a similar online church community)? What’s the difference between this and downloading a preacher’s podcast each week? Is it able to move beyond being something you watch and become something you engage with? Church is not just something you witness each Sunday. It’s something you actively experience and engage with as you work together to build the body of Christ. This is the biggest challenge I see for online churches.

And would buying up Google search words like “Sex” and redirecting people to your internet church really be helpful? I can see a lot of people getting mighty frustrated and angry at the church for that.

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2 responses to “Internet Church”

  1. Matt Jacobs says :

    It’s an interesting concept;
    – on one hand, online ‘communities’ do exist. I was part of a Rugby Fan Forum for a couple of years, and we enjoyed good relationships with each other, focussed around Rugby (It was also a great way to meet non-Christians). We talked about Rugby, we also talked about life. It also flowed into face-to-face stuff – a couple of bbq’s, and going to games together.
    – on the other hand, it’s too easy to drop out of, and it’s too easy to avoid follow-up. If you’re sending private messages or emails to people who haven’t logged on for a few weeks, if it’s on-site messaging and they’re not visitting, they won’t be followed up. Plenty of people would join up to the site, engage for a couple of weeks, then drop off, never to be heard from again.
    Does Hebrews 10:25 imply meeting together, face-to-face?

  2. larryk12309 says :

    This is the same problem as TV preachers. People would rather watch TBN or whatever than go to church.

    On the other hand if a web site’s goal is to encourage people to give a real church a try (again) then maybe it’s a good thing.

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