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PC vs Mac: Nobody Wins

mac-pcThere’s a good chance you’re reading this article either on a Windows based PC or on a Mac. (If you’re using Linux, keep reading. This will all apply to you as well.) For years, these two computer platforms have dominated the industry. Chances are you’re either a PC user or a Mac user. Rarely do the two overlap. It’s not uncommon to find people who are very passionate about their choice of computer. The kind of passion that leads to friendly rivalry. But after reading this article on Windows 7 and Mac users, I’m no longer convinced that this rivalry is friendly.

It’s a war.

And it’s a war we shouldn’t be fighting.

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John Safran’s Race Relations

6a00e0097e4e6888330120a5dc2d3d970c-800wiI’m really looking forward to John Safran’s Race Relations tonight. Safran has a talent for bringing up issues in an insightful and funny way. Especially when it comes to matters of religion. From placing voodoo curses on his ex girlfriend, to door knocking dressed as Prince talking about the Jehovah’s Witness faith, to going on a date with a Roman Catholic Priest, Safran’s work is thought provoking, informative, and hilarious.

Make sure you check it out. The trailer is underneath the jump.

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How To End World Hunger

vatican-citySarah Silverman is an American comedian with an interesting suggestion on how to solve world hunger. Sell the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Church have a lot of property and possessions that would be worth a fair bit of money. Is this a valid suggestion?

What is the Church’s responsibility in managing resources and looking after the poor? There are a lot of things Christians could be spending money on. And in some regards it’s easy to say sell up everything and give it away. That’s what Jesus would have done, isn’t it?

But what about spending money on property so that there’s a building where you can go hear about God? What about printing and distributing Bibles so that people can read what God has to say to them?

How do you decide where you spend your money? How do you balance the tension between social concern and investing in the gospel?

Fame (2009)

fame4Fame (2009)

Rated PG

The New York Academy of Performing Arts is a high school that’s pretty tough to get into. Each year 10,000 teenagers apply. 200 make the cut. This is a school where being good isn’t good enough. You have to be the best. As the students begin their time at PA, the principal warns them that it’s going to be hard going. There’s going to be a lot of sweat, blood and tears. That they’ll have to work twice as hard as any other student. That some of them won’t make it. That’s the price these talented youngster have to pay for being the best.

That’s the premise of Fame. Shame they didn’t do anything with it.

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