What Pepsi Meant For Sleeze, Can We Use For God?

rantingraving107Pepsi have (rightly) received a lot of flack for their “AMP Up Before You Score” iPhone app. The app breaks women down into 24 different categories (or to be more accurate – caricatures) and gives you all the information you need to pretend to be a guy that they would want to sleep with. In other words, it was a tool to treat women as objects and deceive them into having sex. Classy move Pepsi.

But it got me thinking. Is there an app like this for evangelism? Let me set the scene. Your non-Christian friend sends you an SMS asking if you want to catch up for coffee in ten minutes. You know they’ve been struggling with issues of faith and that this would be a great opportunity to share the gospel with them. But you’ve only got ten minutes to think about what you’re going to say. Now say you had the Evangelism app on your phone. You put some info into your phone and the app points you towards Two Ways To Live tracts, apologetics sites, tips for opening discussions with people from different faith backgrounds, you name it. It could even give you a hand with follow up if things go well, such as churches near where they live that are offering Christianity Explained courses. It wouldn’t do the work for you, because the person you’re talking about isn’t a project that needs to be conquered. But it would aid in your relationship with them and help you introduce them to a relationship with Jesus. Would that be a helpful app?

Does such a thing exist? If not, does someone want to work on it?

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5 responses to “What Pepsi Meant For Sleeze, Can We Use For God?”

  1. Matt Jacobs says :

    Helpful would be an understatement!

  2. Matt Jacobs says :

    I would have no idea on how to make an app. I’m just content with knowing how to turn my computer on.

  3. Aliona says :

    Are you guys sick? Keep your religion for yourself – everyone makes their own choices – and people do not need You to be telling them how to live their lives.
    Life is pretty wonderful without god and retards like you :)

    • Joel A Moroney says :

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article Aliona. While we clearly do not agree, the beauty of free speech means that we can both express our views. I would hope that you would be open minded enough to listen to other points of view and evaluate them on their merits, rather than automatically dismissing a different point of view unheard.

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