Prophecy Ain’t What It Used To Be

1 Corinthians 12 lists prophecy as one of the gifts of the Spirit. What is prophecy? Is it predicting the future or something greater? Is it a gift that is still available today or was it limited to a certain time period? If you’re not careful, you’re understanding of prophecy can lead you in some dodgy directions.

It can also leave you looking stupid.

epic-fail-prophecy-failPic courtesy of Fail Blog

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6 responses to “Prophecy Ain’t What It Used To Be”

  1. Steve says :

    Archi Poulos has a go at explaining it with three talks on the sydneyanglicans website. I like what he says

  2. Daniel Saunders says :

    sure that sign was put up as a joke‽

  3. Matt Jacobs says :

    After doing the Isaiah subject at youthworks, and reading through a few other prophets in the OT, I’m thinking a lot about what prophecy actually is as well.

    Sure, there’s the element of telling the future, but I also really like Fee+Stuarts definition in How To Read the Bible for all its worth; ‘The prophets were covenant enforcement mediators’ (p167 in my copy), and that ‘The prophects’ message was not their own, but Gods’ (p169) … so they’re kind of like cops and spokespersons of God’s revelation.

    I’d love to think more about the nature of prophecy today seeing as the revelatory part of it is complete in Jesus.

    p.s. cool sign!

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