Jesus Christ: In The Name Of The Gun – Follow Up

Yesterday I wrote a review of a comic called Jesus Christ: In The Name of The Gun. The general gist of my review was that it was inappropriate and disrespectful to Jesus. In a move that I find surprising and commendable, creator Ethan Nicolle has apologised for his work on his blog.

I really sympathise with Nicolle. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times that my friends and I have come up with an off the wall idea or tangent involving Jesus. I’m sure some of them are even on the same level as the scenes depicted in JC:ITNOTG. Should I repent for those times? Yeah, I should. The difference between those times and what Nicolle has done, which he readily acknowledges, is that I don’t publish them in a public forum.

It takes guts for Nicolle to stand up for his work and take responsibility for it. I admire him for apologising. And it’s made me think real hard about the things I say and do, both in public forums like this site and in private. Jesus deserves our full respect at all times. And for the times I have not given him that due respect, I apologise and ask for forgiveness.

After reading Ethan Nicolle’s blog post, I have a lot of respect for the man. He didn’t mean for his work to come off the way it did. He regrets that his work portrayed his beliefs in an inaccurate light. And he stood up and took it like a man. He’s worked on another project called Chumble Spuzz. I haven’t read it, but I now most definitely will.

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