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Sword of My Mouth #1

SoMM1Her baby isn’t quite right. But in a post-Rapture Detroit, not much is.

So, those pesky Christians are gone. Magic works and those pagans are going ahead with their witchcraft and physical mutations. Angels roam the streets, enforcing martial law. And young, single mother Ella battles loneliness.

Sword of My Mouth is the sequel to the graphic novel Therefore Repent! It’s a six issue miniseries being put out by IDW. My big question for Sword is this: is it going to be exploring Christian issues like Repent did or is it going to go in a new direction?

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Rob Bell: Jesus Wants To Save Christians

rob-bellRob Bell is the poster child for the Emergent Church, at least from our point of view here in Australia. Christian bookstores have shelves packed with Nooma DVDs and copies of his books Velvet Elvis and Sex God. His current book is called Jesus Wants To Save Christians. It’s a controversial title and what’s in the book follows suit.

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Something Positive

SPI read a lot of webcomics. And why not? They’re free after all. One of my favourites is a comic called Something Positive. This strip is witty, well drawn, and very, very not PC. If you even the slightest bit offended by almost anything, then do not read Something Positive.

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Superhero Spotlight: Blue Devil

200px-Shadowpact_DevilWould you sell your soul to the Devil for superpowers? Think of all the good you could do as a superhero. All the lives you could save. Wouldn’t all that be worth the sacrifice of your soul? Isn’t that the kind of thing Jesus would do? That’s what Daniel Cassidy aka Blue Devil did. But was it worth it? And is it even possible?

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Thank God You’re Here

tgyhlogo_4You’re standing in front of a blue door. In just a moment you will step through this door into an unknown situation. It could be anywhere from ancient Egypt to the local pub. Someone will say “Thank God You’re Here” and it will be up to you to keep up. You’ll need to stay alert and always have an answer ready. Are you ready to step through that door?

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Sword of My Mouth

SoMM1Sword of My Mouth is a six issue comic book miniseries currently being put out by IDW. It’s a sequel to Therefore Repent! Has anyone seen this yet? Is it worth me picking up in the individual issues? Or should I wait for the trade? Or not even bother?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

x_men_origins_wolverineThis could go one of two ways. Wolverine could be X-Men 2 or X-Men 3. It could be a well told, action packed movie full of character moments that are true to the characters and source material. Or it could be the abomination I found X3 to be. So which one is it?

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